Digital Accessibility Lawsuits

2021 Report Now Available

Key takeaways

In October, there were 171 lawsuits filed. 79% were filed in New York; MARS KHAIMOV LAW, PLLC filed 32 lawsuits in New York; 6 Plaintiffs filed 42% of lawsuits; and none of the litigated websites used overlay tools.

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Plaintiff Name: Valentin Reid Filing date: May 8, 2018 State of filing: New York Defendant Name: Alibris, Inc....
Consumer Goods May 8, 2018
Plaintiff Name: MARION KILER Filing date: March 21, 2018 State of filing: New York Defendant Name: AI MEDICAL...
Medical Mar 21, 2018
Plaintiff Name: ACCESS NOW, INC., on behalf of its members; R. DAVID NEW; and LISA FRAZIER Filing date: July 21,...
Apparel Jul 21, 2017
Plaintiff Name: GUILLERMO ROBLES Filing date: September 1, 2016 State of filing: California Defendant Name:...
Hotel, Restaurant and Leisure Sep 1, 2016