When you are ready to deploy your accessibility process across your platforms, processes, and policies, you will be following the design strategy you created along with the development processes you established. Deployment requires accurate documentation of what works and what doesn't, not only within your products and services, but within the processes you established during design, development, and deployment so that you can evaluate your ongoing accessibility strategy.

Testing with PWD

Before deploying your new accessibility content, it is imperative that you have a user group of persons with disabilities test your materials. Your user testing group should include a variety of disabilities to ensure an equitable and inclusive experience for everyone.

Audit Services

Accessibility audit services exist to assist you in testing the accessibility of your website and digital content. The audit service will evaluate your content and provide feedback on required enhancements, bugs, and fixes. There are many accessibility auditing service companies to assist you. Check out our Vendor Directory to get started locating an accessibility audit service.

Marketing and Communications

Communicating your commitment to accessibility is imperative. Your communications should include the following:


Internal Comms

  • Status/project updates and announcements
  • Employee accessibility guide
  • Accessibility policy and procedures

External Comms

  • New accessibility feature releases
  • Commitment to accessibility
  • Feedback Loop - how customers can communicate accessibility concerns
  • Any known accessibility issues and what you are doing to resolve them

Benefit Analysis

We advise that you audit against your benefit-cost analysis as you proceed through your project. Check to ensure costs are aligned, and benefits are realized, and make adjustments as necessary.

During the Deployment phase, now is the time to measure your benefit results to demonstrate internally and externally through your communication messages why your commitment to accessibility was required and how the results measure for each stakeholder.


Ongoing maintenance is paramount in your deployment phase. Documented processes and standards for your organization should be shared with each team member creating content. Accessibility is not a one-and-done project. It requires ongoing processes to ensure content created meets accessibility standards. It requires ongoing testing to safeguard against breaks in code that could potentially create accessibility issues.

Monitoring Services

Accessibility monitoring services exist to provide your business with automated feedback on accessibility concerns and issues. These monitoring services will bring to light any problems that may occur due to changes such as software, platform, or application updates.

Accessibility.com offers a Vendor Directory that lists accessibility vendors that provide monitoring services, including automated and manual. Please visit our Vendor Directory to check out potential vendors.

Accessibility Statements

An Accessibility Statement cements your dedication and commitment to providing an accessible experience of your products and services for your customers. Your website should include an Accessibility Statement, similar to your Privacy Statement. It is common to find an Accessibility Statement in the footer of a webpage.

An Accessibility Statement should contain the following:

accessibility committment
Your company's commitment to accessibility
accessibility standard
The accessibility standard applied
get in touch
How to contact the company in case of accessibility challenges