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EVENT: Add to Cart: Creating an Accessible e-Commerce Experience

Discover the benefits of accessible e-Commerce experiences like empowering innovation, improving SEO, reducing litigation, gaining a competitive edge, and improving ROI.
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Positive Connections: Attract and Engage Your Ideal Customer

If you are looking to connect with your ideal customer in a way that leaves a lasting impression, let's chat. Our events reach people actively looking towards improving accessibility efforts.
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Watch On-Demand: Are Platform Providers Liable? Or Are You?

Missed our event on web accessibility laws? You can watch it on-demand here. Our experts share what you must know when it comes to website accessibility.
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Accessibility Blog

Many customer-facing employees of public, city, or state-run organizations have, at one time or another,...
Research and Stats 2 min read
The courts have struggled to regulate digital accessibility since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)...
Digital Accessibility 3 min read
Businesses use an average of 137 apps per year on average with a 30% churn rate. This means that a third of the...
3 min read

Accessibility Matters Video Interview Series

John Michael Griffin, Publisher of, speaks with Josh Basile, Founder of the Determined2Heal Foundation and, Community Relations Manager at accessiBe.

John Michael Griffin, Publisher of, speaks with Ken Nakata, Principal at Converge Accessibility.

Scott Ready, Director Customer Success & Accessibility Evangelist at

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Accessibility Island: Episode 1

Could the barriers to accessibility be removed by removing the mental barriers we create? Maybe flipping the script on disability and reasonable accommodations can lead to greater understanding.

Digital Access Lawsuits

Plaintiff Name: ANGEL RODRIGUEZ Filing date: May 31, 2022 State of filing: New York Defendant Name: COMVITA USA...
New York May 31, 2022
Plaintiff Name: BRITTNEY MEJICO Filing date: May 31, 2022 State of filing: California Defendant Name: WING...
California May 31, 2022
Plaintiff Name: ANITA OGLETREE Filing date: May 31, 2022 State of filing: California Defendant Name: ALTERNATIVE...
California May 31, 2022