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Digital Accessibility Vendors

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  1. Editor Verified

    Digital Accessibility Testing & Consulting

    (New window to QualityLogic website) https://qualitylogic.com

    Accessibility Consulting Software Website Services Accessibility Consulting Services Accessibility Software Testing Website Auditing Services
  2. Editor Verified

    Helping You Achieve, Maintain & Prove Digital Compliance

    Since 2001 the mission of the BoIA team consisting of 150+ digital accessibility professionals have been to make the Internet accessible to everyone. Our focused objective is to help organizations of all sizes achieve, maintain and prove website...

    (New window to Bureau of Internet Accessibility website) https://www.boia.org/

    Website Services Website Auditing Services
  3. Editor Verified

    The Future of Work Just Got Accessible

    We are the world’s first e-learning platform built for and by blind and partially sighted people. We are a resource to vocational rehabilitation organizations. We are a training platform for individuals with visual impairments who have faced...

    (New window to Clusiv website) https://clusiv.io

    Vision Accessibility Consulting Employment Services Learning and Education Accessibility Consulting Services Accessible Education Materials Employment Services Online Accessibility Learning Screen Reading Software Screen Reading Software Screen Reading Software Vision Assistance Technology
  4. Editor Verified

    Solving digital accessibility

    Founded in 2000, UsableNet created some of the first tools and platforms to make websites accessible and usable for all people. Starting out, we worked with government agencies as well as universities and corporations. Today, accessibility has...

    (New window to UsableNet website) https://usablenet.com

    Accessibility Consulting Website Services Accessibility Consulting Services Accessible Website Design Website Auditing Services
  5. Editor Verified

    Web Accessibility Compliance Auditing & Consulting

    Our team of accessibility experts all have a minimum of 18 years in digital accessibility and provide human-based auditing, training, VPATs, and general guidance to ensure your websites, web apps and mobile apps are accessible and meet current WCAG...

    (New window to Accessibility Works website) https://www.accessibility.works/

    Accessibility Consulting Website Services Accessibility Consulting Services Accessible Website Design Website Auditing Services
  6. Editor Verified

    One platform to perfect your website user experience

    Monsido is a leading web governance solution designed to enable organizations to deliver a superior and inclusive user experience across their digital presence and support their journey to ensure communications are open, optimized, and compliant....

    (New window to Monsido - Powered by CivicPlus website) https://monsido.com

    Learning and Education Platforms Website Services Accessible Education Materials Accessible Platform Developer Accessible Website Design Website Auditing Services
  7. Editor Verified

    Enable, Educate, Empower

    Vision-Aid’s Mission is to enable, educate and empower persons with vision-related disabilities so that they can live with independence and dignity. Vision-Aid’s Goal is to facilitate the creation of a network of vision rehabilitation centers in...

    (New window to Vision-Aid website) https://visionaid.org/

    Vision Software Accessibility Software Testing Magnifiers Phones for Low-Vision Visual Assistive Devices
  8. Editor Verified

    Access for Everyone

    We help organizations activate and embed digital accessibility into both organizations and their products (such as websites and mobile apps), to help meet business goals. We do this by working with organizations to deliver the international...

    (New window to Hassell Inclusion website) https://hassellinclusion.com

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
  9. Savaria is a global leader in accessibility with an extensive portfolio of products available in over 40 countries. The company has manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America and China. Savaria designs and manufactures home elevators,...

    (New window to Savaria website) https://savaria.com

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Architects Accessibility Consulting Services
  10. A Disability Inclusion and Digital Accessibility company

    (New window to Ablr website) https://ablr360.com

    Employment Services Employment Services Vocational Rehab
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  11. ADA Compliance Experts / CASp (Certified Access Specialists)

    Our Certified Access Specialists (CASp) will help your business or public entity comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) laws and California Building Code (CBC) to avoid lawsuits for ADA compliance violations. Our services include CASp...

    (New window to ADA Consultant Services website) https://adaconsultantservices.com

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
  12. Accessibility Compliance

    (New window to ADA Supreme website) https://adasupreme.com

    Legal Services Legal Services
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  13. Embrace High Velocity Digital Accessibility

    (New window to Deque Systems website) https://deque.com

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
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  14. Building an Accessible Culture

    Our services include curriculum development via an accessibility lens, workshops and webinars, compliance of accessibility legislation, digital accessibility, accessible document remediation, web accessibility assessments, and keynote speaking. We...

    (New window to Embrace 2 Learn Inc. website) https://embrace2learn.com

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
  15. We analyze, develop and educate in accessibility

    (New window to Funka website) https://funka.com

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
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  16. Outcome-Based Diversity and Inclusion Solution

    (New window to MESH / diversity website) https://meshdiversity.com

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
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  17. Your Inclusive Research and Solutions Consultancy

    (New window to Open Inclusion website) https://openinclusion.com

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
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  18. Making your home last a lifetime

    Accessibility Solutions Fit to Your Needs - Nationally MI,IN, OH, VA, DC, MD, DE, WV, FL, TX If you or someone you love is struggling to live comfortably at home due to age, illness, or a disability, solutions are available to you that will allow...

    (New window to HandyPro website) https://handypro.com

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Architects
  19. We create inclusive spaces

    (New window to LCM Architects website) https://lcmarchitects.com

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Architects
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  20. We inspire innovative and effective solutions

    (New window to Accessibility Partners website) https://accessibilitypartners.com

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
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