Finally, an accessibility conference that connects you with the information and network you need to build the organization you want.

Leaders, join us.

  • Business: Learn why inclusive organizations win today.
  • Talent: Find, hire, and keep a diverse workforce.
  • Marketing: Share your brand's story with everyone.
  • Tech: Find new assistive tech and make your tech better.
  • UX: Build accessibility into every release, every time.
  • Accessibility: Define policies and programs that work.

AccessibilityPlus Virtual Conference

3 Days of Virtual Learning and Engagement

Unlocking the Potential of Assistive Technology

Innovation in assistive technology (AT) — from the basic to the futuristic — is driving business success. Embrace AT and discover the tech solutions your company should be using and your customers already are.

Actionable Solutions for an Inclusive Workforce

Attracting and retaining employees with disabilities can be hard if you don't know where to start. Learn how to compliantly and effectively create an inclusive culture in today's hybrid world, with accessibility at the center.

Effectively Managing Accessibility for Business

How do you actually put accessibility knowledge into practice? Learn from corporate leaders how to build an accessibility team, how to measure and track accessibility progress, and how to do it at scale.


Joe Eurell


Joy Brooker


Haley Hoffmeister

Yoga Instructor

Michael Damian


Beau Bowker

Breathwork Guide

Ryan Ayers


Joshua Payne


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Keynote Speakers

Judith Heumann

Disability Rights Advocate

Caroline Casey

Founder | The Valuable 500

AccessibilityPlus MC

Alycia Anderson

Inclusion Superwoman | The Alycia Anderson Company

Presenting our Speakers

Meg O'Connell

Founder & CEO | Global Disability Inclusion

Christopher Patnoe

Head of Accessibility and Disability Inclusion | Google

Joe Devon

Co-Founder | Diamond | GAAD

Gavin Neate

Founder & CEO |

Cat Noone

CEO | Stark

Craig Leen

Partner | K&L Gates

Patrick Bardsley

CEO & Co-Founder | Spectrum Designs Foundation

Meryl Evans

Marketing & Accessibility |

Bill Curtis-Davidson

Co-Director & Sr. Consultant | PEAT

Alexa Huth

Strategic Communications Lead | PEAT

Jack McElaney

VP Sales & Marketing | MicroAssist

Hiram Kuykendall

CTO | MicroAssist

Lori Samuels

Accessibility Director | NBCUniversal

Jason C. Taylor

Chief Innovation Strategist | UsableNet

Sheri Byrne-Haber

Senior Staff Architect, Accessibility | VMWare

Andrea Mocellin

Founder & Inventor | Revolve Air

Andrew Houghton

Founder and CEO | Disability Inclusion Solutions (DIS)

Kathryn Gibbs

Facilities Management Director, Engineering (North America) | Merck & Co.

Michael Perry

Executive Vice President | Progressive AE

Andy Traub

CEO & Founder | Traub & Associates Consulting

Michael Curran

Director/Software Developer | NV Access Limited

Paula Tobler

Supervising Attorney | Disability Rights California

Kevin McDaniel

Editor-in-Chief |

Jeremy Horelick

Vice President of Business Development | ADA Site Compliance

Crystal Preston-Watson

Senior Digital Accessibility Analyst | Salesforce