On-Demand: Deploy for Accessibility

Host Mike Paciello and guests Becky Gibson and Leonie Watson discuss winning approaches to deploying accessibility across businesses and why it's a good business and financial decision.

This is the third and final event in a three-part series on Design, Develop, and Deploy for Accessibility.

The first event, Design for Accessibility, can be viewed on demand by clicking this link.

Second in the line-up is Develop for Accessibility, which can be viewed on demand by clicking this link.

Mike Paciello of WebABLE hosts each session and brings old and new friends to the conversations. Travel further into the world of accessibility with subject-matter experts with outstanding professional and personal backgrounds in accessibility.

Mike Paciello is the Founder of WebABLE.

Becky Gibson is the Lead Accessibility Specialist of UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group).

Leonie Watson is the Founder of TetraLogical.

Event sponsored by the Bureau of Internet Accessibility, QualityLogic, AccessibilityWorks, Clusiv, and WEBAble.

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