On-Demand: Design for Accessibility

Host Mike Paciello and panelists Reginè Gilbert, Kate Kalcevich, and David Sloan as they share through their experience how to craft a design team experience, what to consider when designing for accessibility, and how to be inclusive through your design process.

This is the first event in a three-part series on Design, Develop, and Deploy for Accessibility.

The discussion in Develop will take the storyboard created in Design and bring it to life.

Deploy will take it a step further with best practices in deploying accessibility to your entire company and your customers.

Each session is hosted by Mike Paciello and includes subject-matter experts to help you navigate around common problems in designing, developing, and deploying for accessibility. The panelists share their insights and learned experiences to help your company more effectively become more accessible and inclusive.

Mike Paciello is the Founder of WEBAble.

Reginè Gilbert is a UX Designer, Professor (NYU), and Author.

Kate Kalcevich is Head of Accessibility Innovation at Fable.

David Sloan is the Practice Manager, UX, and Principal Accessibility Engineer at TPGi.

Event sponsored by the Bureau of Internet Accessibility, QualityLogic, Verbit, and WEBAble.

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