The parent brand, Propeller Media Works, is a 25 year old custom web development agency which today focuses on accessible web design and development practices, digital marketing, and web accessibility remediation. The Propeller and Accessibility.Works teams work hand in hand - thus making our accessibility team better at understanding the code, and for our dev team to be increasingly tuned into the needs of those with disabilities and their assistive technologies.
We are not a large corporation for whom you will be a number.  While we do serve very large clients, we're able to do so with a tight team of specialists by focusing less on growth and more on responsive communication and quality of deliverables. Our lack of structural clutter enables us to respond with answers in minutes, sometimes hours, but never days.
We do not overly rely on automated solutions, and absolutely do not support the use of overlay "solutions". We use automated tools only to catch the low-hanging fruit of their limited range, and rely on manual and assistive technology testing by qualified experts to ensure we catch the full range of issues that affect real-world accessibility barriers and legal exposures.
We deliver reporting that goes beyond identifying violations and focuses on actionable remediation guidance that will save your remediation team time and expense. We also provide on-call support during remediation, however that is rarely even needed due to the depth and quality of the remediation guidance included in our reports. We then provide validation, and VPAT if needed.
If you're serious about pursuing a digital accessibility program the right way, please contact us for a free scope and cost assessment. 

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