On Demand: Building and Remediating Accessible Websites

Building and remediating accessible websites is a crucial process that ensures digital content is usable by people with various disabilities. This involves implementing key features such as keyboard navigation, high-contrast color schemes, clear and simple content, and proper HTML structure for screen readers. Designers and developers should prioritize addressing Level A and AA issues according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), focusing on high-impact problems and frequently visited pages. The process goes beyond simply checking off items on a list; it requires understanding the real-world impact on users with disabilities and fostering an accessibility-minded approach throughout the development team. While remediation can be achieved relatively quickly and cost-effectively for small businesses and bloggers, larger organizations may need a more comprehensive strategy. Ultimately, creating accessible websites ensures compliance with legal requirements and expands the reach and usability of digital content for a significant portion of the global population.

This event features a discussion on the importance of digital accessibility for legal compliance, as well as how it positively affects your SEO. We take a deep dive into iMedia, WebArc Technologies, Monsido-Acquia, and Unity Web Agency to discuss the services they offer, what to budget, and what to expect. Then we answer audience questions.

The event also features breakout sessions from each of the sponsors:

This event features Mark Shapiro (Accessibility.com), Daniel Lassman (Digital Marketing Consultant), John Huffstutler (iMedia), Tom Legions (WebArc Technologies), Sterling Rose (Monsido - Acquia), and Alisa Herr (Unity Web Agency).


Building and Remediating Accessible Websites Transcript



From Training to Transformation: Educating Teams on Accessibility



5 Quick Ways to Make Your Website More Accessible Transcript

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