Introducing AccessibilityPlus 2021, a Global and Entirely Virtual Accessibility Summit for Business Leaders

Published May 20, 2021

On this tenth Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), we are proud to announce AccessibilityPlus 2021 — a global and entirely virtual accessibility summit for the business world. We welcome leaders from various disciplines to join us, participate, and contribute to a new kind of accessibility conference that connects you with the information and network you need to build the organization you want. The conference will be held over three days of learning and engagement: October 12–14, 2021.

A full and focused agenda

Each day will be packed with sessions hosted by speakers who can teach from their own experience with some of the most innovative and regarded organizations.

Day 1: Assistive Technology (AT)

Assistive tech innovation is astounding. Its real beauty, however, isn't in its wow-factor;  it's in its function. Tools that make work, play, transportation, and communication easier or possible have practical, everyday uses.

Attend the first day's sessions if you're prepared to be amazed, but more importantly if you're ready to learn how to better-serve your customers and employees by embracing and understanding technological solutions.

Join sessions on topics like:

  • Assistive Tech in Action: Show-and-Tell from an Everyday AT User
  • Should Your Company Use an Accessibility Overlay?
  • Assistive Tech Showcase: The Future Is Here

Day 2: Employment

The employment rights of people with disabilities are protected, yet hiring, promotion, and pay disparities exist and are enormous — but they don't have to be.

Attend the second day's sessions if you want practical guidance for retaining and attracting employees with disabilities from leaders who understand the tremendous value of inclusive employment and how to practice it.

Join sessions on topics like:

  • Pre-Employment: Compliant Job Postings, Interviews, and Hiring
  • Reasonable Accommodations Under the ADA and the Interactive Process
  • Creating a Workplace Where People with Disabilities Actually Want to Work

Day 3: Implementation

At the end of the day, how do you actually put accessibility best practices into action? How do you move from awareness to commitment to real and sustainable implementation?

Attend the third day's sessions if you want to learn from proven leaders who have been-there, done-that when it comes to building successful and scalable accessibility programs and practices.

Join sessions on topics like:

  • How to Hire Digital Accessibility Talent (When You Don't Know Anything About It)
  • Make it Measurable: How to Monitor, Track, and Report on Accessibility
  • Accessibility at Scale: Enterprise Solutions for Ongoing Success

Save your spot now (for free)

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Sponsorship opportunities available

We have some great sponsorship and vendor packages available with a ton of built-in value.

Please contact conference director, Lori Litz, by email at with inquiries.


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