Accessibility Matters Video Interview Series

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Episode 7

Patrick Bardsley, Co-Founder & CEO, Spectrum Designs Foundation

It's the inherent self-worth, the being part of a team, the reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Patrick's organization employs individuals with autism once they've become adults at age 21, building an inclusive workforce and talented pool of employees.

Episode 6

Craig Leen, Partner at K&L Gates, Former OFCCP Director

Accommodations, by definition, increase productivity. They're always good.

Craig's career as Coral Gables City Attorney, Director of the OFCCP, and Partner at K&L Gates — and his lived experience as a father fighting for his daughter's inclusion — support his call for leading by example.

Episode 5

Gavin Neate, CEO and Founder, Neatebox Limited

The truth is that disabled people aren’t going to wait to be included. They’re not waiting to be included. They are being included themselves.

Gavin's innovative inventions are changing the ways individuals control the accessibility and inclusion of their physical and social spaces.

Episode 4

Christopher Patnoe, Head of Accessibility Programs and Disability Inclusion, Google

You want to design with it in mind, you want to build with it in mind, you want to test with it in mind.

Chris's career in tech has led him to an incredibly-visible and globally-impactful role leading with accessibility program management with empathy at Google. 

Episode 3

Susan Gordon-Ryan, Creator of the Empire Games

I really built it out of things that I wanted as a kid that I never had.

Susan had polio as a young child, which led to disability that helped shape her life's work and her crowning achievement — creating the Empire Games.

Episode 2

Cat Noone, CEO, Stark

It's very hard to unsee.

Cat is a fierce advocate of building accessibility at scale in a way that works for real people.

Episode 1

Meg O'Connell, CEO & Founder, Global Disability Inclusion

There's a lot of opportunity here.

Meg's company helps businesses understand the power and opportunity of disability inclusion.