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  1. We can help your brands website comply with the Americas with Disability Act (ADA)

    Our team of talented web accessibility consultants and 508. Testers work hand-in-hand with our in-house web accessibility engineers to ensure all webpages, sections, media elements, PDFs are ADA compliant and accessible to all people. We strive to...

    (New window to Web Accessibility World Wide website) https://www.webaccessibilityworldwide.com

    Website Services Website Auditing Services
  2. Web Design and Digital Marketing

    KGY is a Web Design Agency in The Woodlands, TX, serving the Houston Metropolitan area and the United States as a whole. We specialize in accessible Web Design for small businesses and offer specialized services for Home Care Agencies and related...

    (New window to KGY Digital website) https://kgydigital.com

    Website Services Accessible Website Design
  3. We work to ensure that your website, software platform, or mobile app is accessible to EVERYONE. We believe deeply in the potential of accessible web design to ensure equal access to all and to help our clients reach as wide an audience as possible...

    (New window to Ability website) https://onlineada.com/

    Website Services Website Auditing Services
  4. Transforming websites for purpose-driven brands – bringing humanity to tech

    Sandstorm® is an accessibility-certified, digital experience technology agency for purpose-driven brands that leverages advanced UX principles to uncover actionable insights and reduce bias. From brand strategy and user research to inclusive UX...

    (New window to Sandstorm website) https://www.sandstormdesign.com

    Website Services Accessible Website Design
  5. Accessible Digital Solutions

    With our combined experience of over 60 years and a human-centered approach to everything we do, we know exactly what it takes to make your website and digital marketing strategy truly shine. From stunning website design and development to expert...

    (New window to Desert Wing Design website) https://desertwing.com/

    Website Services Accessible Website Design
  6. Create AI-driven, meaningful alt text for both stand-alone images and multiple images within a document

    ICS for Alt Text automatically creates alternative (alt) text for images using Large Language Models (LLMs) and Ictect’s patented Intelligent Content software. Fully integrated with Microsoft Word. Improves document accessibility. The Alt Text...

    (New window to Ictect Inc. website) https://www.ictect.com

    Website Services Accessible Website Design