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  1. Release Faster, with Confidence

    Applause is a world leader in testing and digital quality. We partner with the world’s most innovative brands, to ensure that their digital assets and experiences are of the highest quality and work as intended.

    (New window to Applause website) https://www.applause.com

    Software Accessibility Software Testing
  2. Cough Drop empowers people to make their voices heard

    (New window to Cough Drop website) https://app.mycoughdrop.com

    Speech Speech Output Software
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  3. What will you say?

    Founded in 2000, AssistiveWare is a leading pioneer in the field of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and assistive technology software for iOS and macOS, with more than half a million customers worldwide.

    (New window to AssistiveWare website) https://assistiveware.com

    Speech Augmentative and Alternative Communication Speech Output Software
  4. We all have a voice

    Augmentative & Alternative Communication

    (New window to Jabbla website) https://jabbla.com

    Speech Augmentative and Alternative Communication Communication Software and Devices
  5. Phone Calls for All

    Nagish ('Accessible' in Hebrew) makes communication more accessible to people who are Deaf, hard of hearing, or to people with speech impediments. The Nagish mobile app and add-on for video conferencing tools convert calls into text in real-time,...

    (New window to nagish website) https://talknagish.com

    Speech Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  6. Make conversations more valuable.

    Otter.ai is the world’s leading meeting transcription and collaboration tool. Teams connect Otter to their calendars and video conferencing apps to capture, store and even collaborate using their notes from every meeting. The company is backed by...

    (New window to Otter website) https://otter.ai

    Captioning and Transcribing Captioning Services Transcribing Services
  7. Speech and communication mobile app for individuals who are speech impaired

    Developed by an experienced American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) certified Speech Pathologist, APP2Speak is an inexpensive photo-based Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app that enables individuals to communicate more...

    (New window to APP2Speak website) https://app2speak.com

    Speech Communication Software and Devices
  8. We provide device control solutions

    (New window to Origin Instruments website) https://orin.com

    Speech Speech Generating Devices
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  9. Improving quality of life for people who struggle with communication

    (New window to Innervoice App website) https://innervoiceapp.com

    Speech Speech Output Software
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  10. Make your content and products more engaging

    ReadSpeaker is the most trusted independent digital voice partner for global brands, institutions, and organizations. With over 20 years’ experience, ReadSpeaker’s AI-powered text-to-speech solutions and expert assistance enhance the accessibility...

    (New window to ReadSpeaker website) https://readspeaker.com

    Speech Speech Output Software
  11. Proven technology and techniques to reduce stuttering

    (New window to Speech Easy website) https://speecheasy.com

    Speech Stuttering Aids
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  12. Your vision brought to light!

    AdaptiVision specializes in finding the right technology solutions for clients who are blind or who have low vision due to conditions like macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma, and others. In business for nearly 30 years, we have...

    (New window to AdaptiVision website) https://lowvisionsource.com

    Vision Magnifiers Visual Assistive Devices
  13. Smart glasses for the visually impaired

    (New window to Oxsight website) https://oxsight.co.uk

    Vision Artificial Vision Technology
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  14. Hardware and software for the blind and visually impaired

    (New window to Site and Sound website) https://sightandsound.co.uk

    Vision Artificial Vision Technology
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  15. Braille Translation Software

    (New window to Duxbury Systems website) https://duxburysystems.com

    Vision Braille Displays and Writers
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  16. Graphics that communicate through the sense of touch

    (New window to Touch Graphics website) https://touchgraphics.com

    Vision Large Print Materials
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  17. Making a difference

    Dolphin assistive technology products are designed to improve accessibility and independence on computers, for people with a wide range of vision impairments. This includes screen readers for people who are blind, magnification and audio products...

    (New window to Dolphin website) https://yourdolphin.com

    Vision Vision Assistance Technology
  18. Maps with a mission

    The GoodMaps mission is to improve the accessibility, safety, and productivity of indoor spaces. We do this by: Creating and maintaining accurate and secure 2D and 3D digital maps, Providing accurate positioning, and Delighting users with a trusted...

    (New window to GoodMaps, Inc. website) https://goodmaps.com

    Vision Vision Assistance Technology
  19. Low Vision Technology Solutions

    Enhanced Vision is a leading developer of assistive technology for the visually impaired, including Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Retinitis Pigmentosa, and Diabetic Retinopathy. Our dedication to helping individuals maintain their...

    (New window to Enhanced Vision Systems, Inc. website) https://enhancedvision.com

    Vision Visual Assistive Devices