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Digital Accessibility Vendors

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  1. Promoting Accessible Communications and Telecomm Services

    (New window to World In Sign website) https://worldinsign.com

    Hearing ASL Services
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  2. Translations By Experts You Trust

    BURG Translations is a comprehensive provider of language services, offering a range of services including translation, localization, interpreting and other foreign language services.

    (New window to BURG Translations website) https://burgtranslations.com

    Language Translation Services
  3. Translation Company

    Tomedes is a company that provides translation services, interpreting and localization solutions. Since its inception in 2007, we have been dedicated to ensuring our clients are at the heart of our philosophy. Our services provide seamless global...

    (New window to Tomedes Translation Company website) https://tomedes.com

    Language Translation Services
  4. Instantly and effectively communicate

    Translate Live allows any two people to easily and instantly set up a real-time live translated conversation using any two connected devices in over 120 different languages and dialects. Can be used for face-to-face or remote conversations. Also...

    (New window to TranslateLive website) https://translatelive.com

    Language Translation Services
  5. Translation services with a social mission

    (New window to Translation Services website) https://translationservices.com

    Language Translation Services
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  6. Automating Accessibility Transforming Learning

    Continual Engine is an award-winning artificial intelligence-enabled business solving the accessibility problem with their proprietary platforms, Invicta™ and PREP, that automate the generation of high-quality alt text for image-rich complex...

    (New window to Continual Engine website) https://www.continualengine.com/

    Document Services Document Remediation Services Image Remediation Services
  7. One platform, all students

    (New window to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt website) https://hmhco.com

    Learning and Education Accessible Education Materials
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  8. Developing people to improve performance

    (New window to Learning Tree website) https://learningtree.com

    Learning and Education Accessible Education Materials
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  9. Custom materials simple and affordable

    (New window to Lesson Pix website) https://lessonpix.com

    Learning and Education Accessible Education Materials
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  10. High-quality, online continuing education

    (New window to Continued website) https://continued.com

    Learning and Education Online Accessibility Learning
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  11. Dedicated to making reading, writing, and communication easier

    Located in Toronto, ON, Quillsoft is an industry leader when it comes to assistive technology.

    (New window to Quillsoft website) https://quillsoft.ca

    Learning and Education Accessible Education Materials
  12. Digital Textbooks and Learning Materials

    (New window to RedShelf website) https://about.redshelf.com

    Learning and Education Accessible Education Materials
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  13. Educational publishers

    SAGE is a global academic publisher of books, journals, and a growing suite of library products and services.

    (New window to SAGE Publishing website) https://sagepub.com

    Learning and Education Accessible Education Materials
  14. We foster a culture of belonging

    (New window to McGraw-Hill Education website) https://mheducation.com

    Learning and Education Accessible Education Materials
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  15. Reinforcement learning for students with disabilities

    ObjectiveEd provides digital curriculum for students with vision impairments, dyslexia and autism spectrum disorder. Our products are build with university researchers and funded by the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and...

    (New window to Objective Ed website) https://objectiveed.com

    Learning and Education Accessible Education Materials
  16. Add life to a lifetime of learning

    (New window to Pearson PLC website) https://pearson.com

    Learning and Education Accessible Education Materials
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  17. Exceptional Solutions for Exceptional Students

    (New window to TeachTown website) https://teachtown.com

    Learning and Education Accessible Education Materials
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  18. Technology, Learning & Communication

    (New window to Inclusive TLC website) https://inclusivetlc.com

    Learning and Education Accessible Learning Devices
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  19. We help everyone to understand and be understood

    (New window to Texthelp website) https://texthelp.com

    Learning and Education Accessible Learning Devices
  20. The Future of Work Just Got Accessible

    We are the world’s first e-learning platform built for and by blind and partially sighted people. We are a resource to vocational rehabilitation organizations. We are a training platform for individuals with visual impairments who have faced...

    (New window to Clusiv website) https://clusiv.io

    Employment Services Employment Services Vocational Rehab