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    Helping You Help Everyone

    (New window to AllAble website) https://www.allable.co.uk/home

    Legal Services Political and Advocacy
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    Trusted Partner for Your Digital Journey

    (New window to Atos website) https://atos.net/en/

    Platforms Accessible Platform Developer
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    Creating Access for Educational Institutions, Government & Non-Profits

    AST is trusted by educational, government and cultural institutions for its leading closed captioning and accessibility services. For nearly two decades, AST has produced more than 5 million caption files for over 5,000 customers. Founded upon a...

    (New window to Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) website) https://www.automaticsync.com/captionsync/

    Captioning and Transcribing Captioning Services Transcribing Services
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    Accessing Learning & Communication Together

    (New window to Bridges Canada website) https://www.bridges-canada.com/

    Learning and Education Accessible Learning Devices
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    The experts from the world-renowned Perkins School for the Blind

    At Perkins Access, digital accessibility is more than just what we do: It’s what we believe in. We partner with organizations of all kinds to help them create digital products, services and experiences — websites, apps, multimedia and beyond — that...

    (New window to Perkins Access website) https://perkinsaccess.org/

    Website Services Website Auditing Services
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    Computer Vision and Augmented Reality

    (New window to mediate website) https://www.mediate.tech/

    Vision Visual Computer Technology
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    Listen, Learn, Improve

    (New window to Olark website) https://olark.com/

    Captioning and Transcribing Captioning Services
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    Entertains, informs and empowers Canadians who are blind or partially sighted

    (New window to AMI website) https://www.ami.ca/

    Media Media Production
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    Helping You Help Others

    (New window to AEL Data website) https://aeldata.com/

    Document Services Document Remediation Services
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    We help the Federal Government keep Americans safe

    (New window to Hei Tech Services website) https://www.heitechservices.com/

    Legal Services Political and Advocacy
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    Innovative solutions to optimize and manage enterprise documents

    (New window to Crawford Technologies website) https://crawfordtech.com/

    Software Accessibility Software Developer
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    Communication Device for Deafblind People

    (New window to 4Blind website) https://4blind.com/en

    Vision Deafblind Communicators
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    Find out if your website is Accessible and Compliant

    AccessibilityChecker.org’s mission is to arm businesses with the most accurate and reliable information in order to avoid web accessibility lawsuits, and in turn create an easy, seamless web experience for the wider disabled community. We’ve built a...

    (New window to Accessibility Checker website) https://www.accessibilitychecker.org/

    Website Services Website Auditing Services
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    The Learning Management System Built for Everyone

    We’re on a mission to revolutionize learning by eliminating barriers to education. Built with a focus on web accessibility, our hosted learning management system ensures that all learners receive equal access to education, training, and professional...

    (New window to YesLMS website) https://www.yeslms.com/

    Learning and Education Accessible Education Management
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    (New window to Access Vine website) https://www.accessvine.co/

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
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    Changing the World, One Website at a Time

    We are an Award-winning Accessible Web Design Agency. We have been creating fully accessible websites since 2006. In 2011, we created the Web's first mobile, tablet and fully accessible website and we have been doing that ever since. We have also...

    (New window to Access by Design website) https://accessbydesign.uk

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
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    Specializing in WCAG 2.1AA compliant websites for UK public bodies & councils

    Full service design and web agency specializing in developing WCAG 2.1AA compliant websites for UK parish, town & city councils and public bodies to meet their publishing and legal requirements.

    (New window to Aubergine website) https://www.aubergine262.com

    Website Services Accessible Website Design
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    At The Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) we work with public, private and voluntary sector clients to create digital media that meets best practice accessibility standards and legislation. We use our expertise in design and development, issue...

    (New window to Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) website) https://digitalaccessibilitycentre.org

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
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    We kick-start your organisation's WCAG Compliance Programme.

    Eleven Ways is a Digital Accessibility Agency based in Belgium (Europe). We are a founding partner at DiAX (Digital Accessibility Experts). Our team of IAAP Certified experts helps you deliver websites, apps and documents that are accessible from...

    (New window to Eleven Ways website) https://www.elevenways.eu/en/

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
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    Harmonize Your Digital Marketing

    Terzetto Digital gets results for small businesses with affordable digital marketing services. We incorporate accessible website design for new or existing websites to ensure equal access for all website visitors. When it comes to accessible website...

    (New window to Terzetto Digital website) https://terzettodigital.com/

    Website Services Accessible Website Design Website Auditing Services