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Digital Accessibility Vendors

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  1. Captioning solutions for every need

    Ai-Media is your one-stop shop for captioning, transcription and translation solutions. Founded in 2003 with the vision to make the world’s content more accessible for everyone, Ai-Media has evolved to be a global technology company that now employs...

    (New window to Ai-Media website) https://ai-media.tv

    Captioning and Transcribing Captioning Services Transcribing Services
  2. Deaf-owned B2B accessibility consulting services

    Deaf-owned B2B consulting services on deafness awareness, high quality captioning and communication access. Helping your business increase your audience and ROI for your mainstream audio, media, and events by improving access to 466 million deaf and...

    (New window to Audio Accessibility website) https://audio-accessibility.com

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
  3. Captioning Beyond Compliance

    ECS creates beautiful captions & subtitles that help your videos reach a wider audience. It all starts with a perfect transcript! Available for videos in English, Spanish, French, and German. ECS does media accessibility consulting as well as audio...

    (New window to Empire Caption Solutions website) https://empirecaptions.com

    Captioning and Transcribing Captioning Services Transcribing Services
  4. Words matter! Get 99% accurate live captioning (CART), transcription, American Sign Language (ASL) and more accommodations

    Karasch provides the highest accuracy live captioning (CART), transcription and American Sign Language (ASL) to institutional clients worldwide. Take advantage of our robust 24/7 tech support for your events and sessions in any location. Enjoy the...

    (New window to Karasch & Associates website) https://karasch.com

    Captioning and Transcribing Captioning Services Transcribing Services
  5. Scribit.Pro makes online video accessible

    Scribit.Pro offers online software and services to create audio descriptions (available in 9 languages), captions, sign-language translations and transcripts. A 100% accessible video player is a complementary option to publish embedded video's on...

    (New window to Scribit.Pro website) https://scribit.pro

    Captioning and Transcribing Captioning Services Transcribing Services
  6. Create Impact with Transcription and Captioning

    The Verbit Company serves as an essential partner to 3,000 businesses and institutions globally. Verbit's voice AI solutions are designed to support ADA and other accessibility guidelines. Our partners are provided with the tools they need to offer...

    (New window to Verbit website) https://verbit.ai

    Captioning and Transcribing Captioning Services Transcribing Services
  7. Tactile, Eyes-Free typing and control of all your digital devices.

    (New window to Tap Systems, Inc. website) https://www.tapwithus.com/

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
  8. Always Accessible. Always AbleDocs.

    AbleDocs is a world leader in digital accessibility. With offices in around the world, AbleDocs offers products and services that help to ensure high-volume document accessibility compliance, testing, training, and web compliance. AbleDocs is the...

    (New window to AbleDocs Inc. website) https://abledocs.com

    Document Services Document Remediation Services
  9. We make PDF accessibility easy

    (New window to Accessible PDF website) https://accpdf.com

    Document Services Document Remediation Services
  10. Digital Accessibility Services

    Access Ingenuity provides a full range of services and solutions for organizations needing to make their information fully compliant and accessible. We customize our services based on your needs: simple evaluation of the accessibility of your...

    (New window to Access Ingenuity website) https://accessingenuity.com

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
  11. We audit. We train. We transform.

    AccessibilityOz brings accessibility experience that is unmatched in breadth and depth. AccessibilityOz is an accessibility consultancy based in Australia and the United States, operating since 2011. Founder and CEO Gian Wild is a web accessibility...

    (New window to AccessibilityOz website) https://www.accessibilityoz.com/

    Website Services Accessible Website Design Website Auditing Services
  12. Simple. Seamless. Accessibility.

    Allyant is the world’s premier, most comprehensive Accessibility Solutions Provider, enabling any organization—regardless of size, industry or location—to deliver fully compliant accessible communications, support people with disabilities, and...

    (New window to Allyant website) https://allyant.com/

    Document Services Document Remediation Services
  13. Enabling PDF accessibility through intelligent, automated solutions.

    Equidox offers PDF Accessibility Solutions whether your team has novice or pro remediators. Equidox PDF remediation software makes PDF remediation 90% faster using smart detection tools and is available on-prem or cloud-based. Equidox also offers...

    (New window to Equidox Software Company website) https://equidox.co

    Document Services Document Remediation Services
  14. Accessible digital content created by humans for humans

    Scribely is a content accessibility solutions company that specializes in writing alternative text (alt text) for images and audio description for videos. Additional services include accessibility training and consulting, closed captions, and...

    (New window to Scribely website) https://scribelytribe.com

    Document Services Image Remediation Services
  15. Hiring people with disabilities is good for business.

    A network of 25 change-driven BC business leaders who are champions for more accessible, inclusive workplaces. The Community of Accessible Employers (CAE) is an open and entirely free network for employers who are committed to inclusion in the...

    (New window to Presidents Group website) https://accessibleemployers.ca

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
  16. One front door, open to all.

    Inclusively’s workforce inclusion platform empowers employers with the insights, access, training and support they need to attract and retain previously hidden talent. Employers obtain aggregated access to the fragmented network of nonprofits and...

    (New window to Inclusively website) https://inclusively.com

    Employment Services Job Boards
  17. Hear speech better in background noise

    HeardThat, created by Singular Hearing, is a hearing-assistive app for Android and iPhones that separates speech from background noise, empowering users to hold clear and effortless conversations in loud places like restaurants, coffee shops,...

    (New window to HeardThat website) https://heardthat.ai

    Hearing Assistive Hearing Technology
  18. Automated translation services

    AI translation into visual languages, presented by virtual translators

    (New window to Robotica Machine Learning website) https://robotica.media

    Hearing Assistive Hearing Technology
  19. Hearing well should be easy

    (New window to Audicus website) https://audicus.com

    Hearing Augmentative Communication Devices
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  20. A comprehensive EdTech portfolio powering learner

    (New window to Blackboard website) https://blackboard.com

    Learning and Education Accessible Education Materials
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