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  1. AML-Global has been connecting linguists to US-based and international companies for nearly 4 decades. Our mission is to provide a world class platform to link clients to the finest, most qualified linguists available in the world.

    (New window to AML-Global website) https://www.alsglobal.net/

    Language Translation Services
  2. UniversalLanguage Service is a top provider of interpreting and translation solutions, offering remote and onsite options such as Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), Audio (OPI), and Onsite Interpreting.

    (New window to Universal Language Service, Inc. website) https://universallanguageservice.com/

    Language Translation Services
  3. At iTi, we take pride in the relationships built with our clients and have built a company culture that is 100% focused on our clients, 100% of the time. We are committed to providing the best quality language services possible to every single...

    (New window to Interpreters and Translators, Inc website) https://ititranslates.com/

    Language Translation Services
  4. At Boostlingo we help organizations increase language access and improve global communication through innovative interpretation technology. We offer products and subscriptions for interpreter management, Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) and Over...

    (New window to Boostlingo website) https://boostlingo.com/

    Language Translation Services
  5. Interpreters Unlimited works with thousands of clients all over America to provide accurate, simultaneous interpretation services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population using American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters.

    (New window to Interpreters Unlimited website) https://www.interpreters.com/

    Language Translation Services
  6. Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center (CHSC) has a long and remarkable history of helping individuals with communication challenges become independent members of the Greater Cleveland Community.

    (New window to Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center website) https://www.chsc.org/

    Language Translation Services
  7. The Sign Language Company has maintained an exceptional team of qualified sign language interpreters for over 30 years. We remain the agency of choice for many interpreters as we take particular care matching the appropriate interpreter with the...

    (New window to The Sign Language Company website) https://signlanguageco.com/

    Language Translation Services
  8. Fast, accurate transcription services

    Staying true to our mission to create great, work-anywhere jobs, Rev has climbed to become the 1 speech-to-text service in the world.

    (New window to Rev website) https://www.rev.com/

    Captioning and Transcribing Transcribing Services
  9. We take our subtitling services seriously and do not think it’s enough to simply outsource the work. Ad Astra has in-house talent who can lead your subtitling efforts and ensure industry best practices are used for your subtitling needs. Our process...

    (New window to Ad Astra website) https://ad-astrainc.com/

    Captioning and Transcribing Captioning Services
  10. Providing High-Quality Captions Across the Globe

    We strongly believe in “Accessibility for Life” and making accessible content the standard. That is why, for more than three decades, we have worked with advocacy groups and caption viewers throughout the country to help give back, promote the need...

    (New window to VITAC website) https://vitac.com/

    Captioning and Transcribing Captioning Services
  11. We offer cloud-based closed captioning services for live and post-production content for broadcast and online delivery, including pre-recorded TV shows, online video clips, streaming videos, sports, news, corporate sessions, lectures, events,...

    (New window to Digital-Nirvana website) https://digital-nirvana.com/

    Captioning and Transcribing Captioning Services
  12. We offer top-of-the-line transcription services in the industry with utmost care on accuracy at a price that suits you. Get 100% manually produced transcripts with short TAT of 12 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours.

    (New window to Transcriptionstar website) https://www.transcriptionstar.com/

    Captioning and Transcribing Transcribing Services
  13. Choose from over 100 languages and get flawless online services from certified language professionals at remarkably affordable prices.

    (New window to Vanan Online Services website) https://vananservices.com/

    Captioning and Transcribing Transcribing Services
  14. Language services giving you the assurance of communicating accurately in any language

    With our global network of qualified linguists, corporations and organizations worldwide trust us to deliver accurate language solutions for thousands of live and pre-recorded events, meetings, and translation projects each year. Anytime, anywhere,...

    (New window to Interprenet Ltd website) https://interprenet.net/

    Captioning and Transcribing Captioning Services
  15. Accurate & Affordable Transcription by Real People

    Speechpad provides high-quality transcriptions and captions at competitive prices. Our international customer base ranges from Fortune 500 companies to boutique businesses and individuals. Since we began operations in 2008, we have always made...

    (New window to Speechpad website) https://www.speechpad.com/

    Captioning and Transcribing Captioning Services
  16. Since 1997 Language Innovations, headquartered in Washington, DC, has been powering the Private and Public Sectors with expert language services providing document translation, interpreting, localization and multilingual solutions worldwide. Join...

    (New window to Language Innovations website) https://www.languageinnovations.com/

    Hearing ASL Services
  17. Making the World a Better Place One Conversation at a Time.™

    For the past twenty-five years customers have relied on Language People’s skill, reliability, and professionalism for quality translating, spoken language and ASL interpreting, Video Remote Interpreting services, face-to-face interpreting, and...

    (New window to Language People website) https://www.languagepeople.com/

    Hearing ASL Services
  18. HIS Sign is committed to providing outstanding sign language interpreting services to our customers and deaf consumers in Florida.

    (New window to HIS sign website) https://hissign.com/

    Hearing ASL Services
  19. ASL Communication is a brokerage firm that is widely recognized for having well-trained and certified interpreters and for always providing professional and highly satisfactory service.

    (New window to American Sign Language Communication website) https://www.aslcomm.com/

    Hearing ASL Services
  20. Providing the Highest Quality Interpreting Services Worldwide

    (ASL Services) is a worldwide company dedicated to providing the highest quality of professional and ethical Sign Language interpreting services at reasonable prices to the community in accordance with the communication preferences of the Deaf and...

    (New window to ASL Services website) https://aslservices.com/

    Hearing ASL Services