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Digital Accessibility Vendors

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  1. The voice of your end users

    Our mission is to connect the dots between your users' needs and your organisation's objectives. By giving users and stakeholders a voice, we enable you to deliver quality, inclusive digital experiences designed with people at the core. Using an...

    (New window to INVUSE website) https://invuse.com/services/accessibility/

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Architects Accessibility Consulting Services
  2. A collective of digital accessibility educators.

    We work with educational institutions and organizations to create digital learning experiences where students and employees can thrive and learn without barriers. Our services include: - Consulting - Educating - Researching - Developing - Coaching -...

    (New window to AccessibilityConsulting.ca website) https://accessibilityconsulting.ca/

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
  3. Web. Marketing. Content.

    Full service internet marketing company offering website design, logo design, SEO, content marketing, ADA web compliance, PPC, social media management, and more. We have won hundreds of awards and have helped to brand both law firms and small...

    (New window to PaperStreet Web Design website) https://www.paperstreet.com/web-design/

    Website Services Accessible Website Design Website Auditing Services
  4. Enterprise Level Accessibility Support. Concierge Style Service.

    We believe the digital world should be accessible to everyone. That's why we empower businesses to become champions of digital accessibility through managed accessibility ops, testing & audits, site monitoring, and customized accessibility training...

    (New window to Accessiblü website) https://www.accessiblu.com/

    Website Services Accessible Website Design Website Auditing Services
  5. The Solution People

    My Brother Darryl is an award-winning digital design and development agency that combines the power of technology, strategy and creative design. For over 31 years, My Brother Darryl has aligned with global brands and agencies, delivering powerful...

    (New window to My Brother Darryl website) https://mybrotherdarryl.com

    Website Services Accessible Website Design Website Auditing Services
  6. Transforming Content

    Braahmam, an ISO 17100:2015 certified company, provides end to end translation & localization solutions for the digital world in 100+ languages. How we can help? • Localization in 100+ languages - Asian, South-East Asian, Indian, European,...

    (New window to Braahmam International website) https://www.braahmam.net

    Language Translation Services
  7. Truly Universal Website Accessibility

    This tool helps inspect every single element of your website - not just the elements that can be tested with AI! We walk users through manual interventions, asking them to validate the information is correct. Upon completion, we show users what is...

    (New window to Accessibility Dragon website) https://www.accessibilitydragon.com/

    Website Services Accessible Website Design Website Auditing Services
  8. Best-in-Class Web Accessibility Compliance Solutions

    Since 2001, Criterion has performed more than 3,500 “independent third-party” accessibility audits for Fortune 500 corporations, mid-sized & small businesses, and government agencies. We specialize in ADA Title III, Section 508, and Canada ACA &...

    (New window to Criterion 508 Solutions, Inc. website) https://criterion508.com/

    Website Services Website Auditing Services
  9. Leading provider of manual website accessibility inspections

    ACCESSIBILITIES is the leader in manual website accessibility inspections and remediation services. Since our founding in 2017 as a web development consultancy, we have partnered with businesses of all sizes, attorneys, and professional liability...

    (New window to Accessibilities website) https://accessibilities.co/

    Accessibility Consulting Accessibility Consulting Services
  10. Access to Opportunity

    Creating generative AI to build an accessible world for individuals with disabilities.

    (New window to Our Ability, Inc. website) https://www.ourability.com/

    Employment Services Employment Services
  11. A leading global language service provider

    We provide multilingual expertise to support our clients in their international communication and development. We facilitate communication between people and between brands and their customers all over the world.

    (New window to Ubiqus website) https://www.ubiqus.com/en-us/

    Language Translation Services
  12. Hand talk offers the largest platform for automatic translation in Sign Languages in the world. With the help of our specialists and our charismatic virtual translators, Hugo and Maya, they break communication barriers between deaf and hearing...

    (New window to Hand Talk website) https://www.handtalk.me/en/

    Language ASL Software
  13. Professional Translation Services and Human Interpreting Solutions That Connect You to the World

    Helping improve worldwide communication through accurate, localized translations, interpretation services, and a wide variety of tailored language solutions for individuals, organizations, and businesses of all sizes.

    (New window to Day Translations, Inc website) https://www.daytranslations.com/

    Language Translation Services
  14. Book sign language interpreters and translation services with confidence!

    At Linguabee, we believe there is a better way to book an interpreter. A more valuable, less cumbersome way where customers can simply make a request and focus on bigger things.

    (New window to Linguabee website) https://www.linguabee.com/

    Language Translation Services
  15. We know how

    TransPerfect was founded in 1992 with a simple mission to provide the highest quality language services to leading organizations worldwide.

    (New window to Transperfect website) https://www.transperfect.com/

    Language Translation Services
  16. Global Communication Solutions

    A global language services provider combining patented technology and human-centric services to connect people across signed and spoken languages through interpreting and captioning solutions.

    (New window to Sorenson Communications website) https://sorenson.com/

    Language Translation Services
  17. Your Message Clearly Translated in Over 200 Languages

    Your meetings and conferences are too important for anything but the highest standards of expertise and interpersonal skills. Whatever your Interpretation needs may be, LinguaLinx has the solution. From telephone interpretation services, on-demand...

    (New window to Lingualinx website) https://www.lingualinx.com/

    Language Translation Services
  18. Purple Communications is dedicated to delivering the highest-quality and most innovative communication services to meet the unique needs of each Deaf and hard-of-hearing individual.

    (New window to Purple Communications website) https://www.signlanguage.com/

    Language Translation Services
  19. Open your door to the world.

    We believe that all people, regardless of background or communicative ability, should be able to acquire the resources they need to live a full life. That’s why we deliver the most effective communication solutions from real people with real world,...

    (New window to LUNA Language Services website) https://luna360.com/

    Language Translation Services
  20. No more language barriers. More equity.

    Jeenie's modern interpreting platform connects you to a video/audio call with a live, qualified interpreter in seconds. It's on-demand language assistance... wherever you are, whenever you need it.

    (New window to Jeenie website) https://jeenie.com/

    Language ASL Software