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We help organizations activate and embed digital accessibility into both organizations and their products (such as websites and mobile apps), to help meet business goals. We do this by working with organizations to deliver the international accessibility standard (ISO 30071-1), along with a wide range of group training for digital teams and auditing services.
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  • Digital Accessibility Maturity Scorecard

    How can digital accessibility help you meet your business goals? Our Scorecard is designed to help you identify where you are now in your accessibility journey to help you understand where you want to get to and how to do that. Based on the Standard ISO 30071-1, the Scorecard has 9 sections and takes about 15 minutes. Why take the Scorecard? 1. Gain clarity on where the gaps are in your accessibility practices. 2. Receive personalised advice based on your results on how to improve your score in each of 9 dimensions of accessibility maturity. 3. Gives you a path forwards and stops you from wasting your time and money focusing on the wrong things. More Details for Digital Accessibility Maturity Scorecard
  • Free Monthly Webinar: Digital Accessibility Experts Live

    Our free monthly webinars are hugely popular! Every month we discuss a different topic with our top accessibility experts each month. If you’ve only got 1 hour a month to improve your digital accessibility knowledge, this is where to spend it! Check out the link to see what we're discussing next. Our webinars are hosted on Zoom, are run with live captions, and recorded - the video is available about one week after the event, with a full transcript. So if you can't make it, please register and we'll send you an email when it's uploaded. More Details for Free Monthly Webinar: Digital Accessibility Experts Live

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