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Interested in sharing your content with our audience? If it aligns with's mission, here is your opportunity to have your content published on


  • Content must be aligned with the mission and values of Content should center on digital accessibility.
  • Publisher has the right to refuse content for any reason.
  • Articles should contain between 800 and 1600 words and be well-written, free of grammatical and punctuation errors.
  • Content should be trustworthy, transparent, and add value to the community.
  • Content should educate the audience and not simply be an infomercial for the sponsor.
  • A maximum of one external link per 700 words is allowed.


  • Article must be submitted in a document format, properly formatted with title, heading, and paragraph styles (here is a template) to: 
  • You will receive confirmation that your article has been received and whether it was accepted or rejected within five business days.
  • If it is accepted, you will receive a link to submit your payment electronically.
  • Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive confirmation of the date on which your article is scheduled to be published. (Publishing date will depend on the number of articles in the queue before you.)
  • Your article will be published with the author’s name as “Sponsored Content from [YOURCOMPANYNAME].”
  • Once published, the article will be pushed to’s social media channels (Facebook and Twitter).


  • Set up fee: $250
  • Annual display fee*: $99
  • Changes post-initial launch are $175 per change. 

*The annual display fee will renew automatically each year until you cancel. Cancellation must be provided in writing 30 days prior to the post’s renewal date.