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The mission of the Michigan Deaf Association is to preserve the rights and quality of life of Deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the State of Michigan.

  • Language Deprivation in Children (ASL)
  • Interpreters - Michigan has strict Interpreter Certification Requirements compared to many other states. (Some states don’t require certification at all!)
  • Legislation is moving forward with times (digital esp.) - Children - all 50 states not just Michigan

Services Provided

Everything comes back to its work in advocacy. Michigan Deaf Association collaborate with other organizations and create workshops and viral videos to help ensure our community knows their rights, and how to stand up for them.

MDA offers scholarships for Deaf college students and maintain relationships with national Deaf youth leadership organizations to prepare the next generation of leaders.

How Many People Reached

Whole community of deaf - 1.4 million deaf/hard hearing in Michigan. Potential hearing impaired advocate. 100+ members per year; but more with non members.

How Donations Are Used

Fundraising goes directly to sponsorship program, scholarships, PPE grants and operations.

Project Spotlight

  • T-shirt Store- Half goes to MDA, half goes to another Deaf Organization in Michigan.
  • PPE for poll-workers - clear mask
    Detroit Bill of Rights - Office of Disability Affairs
  • National Association of the Deaf Council of Representatives
    Voter Information / Census

Interesting Facts

MDA has an Annual Deaf Civil Rights 5K Event every summer. This year it went virtual and brought in over $1,500 for the Michigan Deaf community.

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