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IAAP’s mission is to define, promote and improve the accessibility profession globally through certification, education and networking in order to enable the creation of accessible products, content and services.

IAAP advocates for the inclusive design and creation of accessible products, content, services, and spaces to ensure no one is left behind due to a physical, sensory, cognitive, health or psychological related impairment.

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The International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) is a not-for-profit membership-based organization for individuals and organizations that are focused on accessibility or are in the process of building their accessibility skills and strategies. The objective is to help accessibility professionals develop and advance their careers and to support organizations integrate accessibility into their services, products, and infrastructure.

How Many People Reached?

IAAP has over 2300 members, that includes individual members and organizational members; represented in 67 countries and 29% of its membership is international.

IAAP newsletter has nearly 8000 subscribers.

Project Spotlight

September 2020, IAAP launched Accessible Built Environments Initiative that focuses on providing resources, professional development, and a global networking component for accessibility professionals working in built environments. Click here to access full details of initiative.

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