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Founded in 1999, CommonLook® is the undisputed leader in PDF accessibility. The company’s executive team has over 60 years of experience and leadership in the field of accessibility. This experience is evident not only in the advancements in accessibility verification technology achieved in the design and development of the CommonLook brand of software products, but in the selection of NetCentric Technologies (CommonLook) as a member of the PDF/UA (Universal Access) committee that defines the ISO standard for PDF accessibility. When Google needed expertise in PDF accessibililty tagging, they turned to the experts at CommonLook.

In addition to its work on standards development directly via ISO, CommonLook is an active member of the PDF Association, participating in the PDF/UA Competence Center’s development of implementation guides for ISO 14289.

20+ years later, we are leading the industry as the only solution for software tools, remediation services and a full suite of training options to ensure that documents are accessible to everyone.

Products and services

PDF and Web Accessibility Software

Organizations around the world have embraced CommonLook’s unique software tools to ensure compliance with the leading accessibility standards. Our unparalleled solutions help automate the testing, remediation and compliance tracking of documents, to boost efficiency and reduce compliance costs. CommonLook provides critical visibility to support compliance programs, from planning through to monitoring.

  • CommonLook PDF — CommonLook PDF (formerly PDF GlobalAccess) is the industry-leading software tool that simplifies and accelerates the remediation process, to ensure compliance with accessibility standards.
  • CommonLook PDF Validator — Our free PDF Validator combines CommonLooks’ proven PDF technology and feature set into the perfect tool for testing and validating documents.
  • CommonLook Office — CommonLook Office simplifies the creation of accessible PDF documents directly from Microsoft Word and PowerPoint sources. It’s the perfect companion tool for authors, who develop content using Microsoft Office.
  • CommonLook Clarity — With vast numbers of PDF documents stored on websites, networks and computers, organizations are challenged with keeping tabs on accessibility standards compliance. CommonLook Clarity enables teams to test and maintain the accessibility of an organization’s PDF resources.
  • CommonLook Dynamic — CommonLook Dynamic addresses the need to ensure that PDF files, which are generated from live data, are accessible. A customizable accessibility solution for enterprises which are generating high document volumes.
  • CommonLook AI — Allows organizations to remediate large volumes of PDF documents for much less than the cost of traditional manual remediation. Patent-pending technology for improving the speed and accuracy of PDF remediation services using deep neural learning.
  • Monsido — Monsido, a leader in web governance solutions that enhance user experience, and CommonLook have teamed up to give users the capability to test both Website Accessibility and PDF files and receive detailed lists on accessibility issues found.
  • CommonLook Remediation Service — Our verification and remediation services provide an accurate, comprehensive and cost-effective way to achieve accessibility with Section 508, WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1, PDF/UA 1.0 and HHS compliance for public-facing, popular or large volumes of PDF documents and forms.
  • CommonLook Training — The principles and practice of document accessibility usually require some explanation. To help content authors and developers gain the know-how to meet accessibility requirements, we provide CommonLook Training in a number of areas.

Interesting Facts

CommonLook remediates millions of pages of PDF each year. We are on the forefront of the latest technology including deep neural AI which will be the future of document remediation. We are excited to be the first company to bring such a product to the market so that all documents can be accessible.

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