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Here's what's happening in accessibility news. We provide these news briefs for your information and convenience, and we don't endorse or recommend any of these publications or products. Check back for updates every weekday.

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New window: Theatre lover’s dying wish helps historic venue take next step

September 27, 2021, DailyTelegraph: A Murwillumbah lover of the arts has left a donation to the Regent Theatre for an important upgrade to the building.

New window: Wheelchair users call for more access to hotels

September 27, 2021, CyprusMail: Cyprus offers the lowest tourism benefits to disabled people, the national paraplegics organisation (Opak) said on Monday calling on the government to take action now.

New window: Jacksonville Mayor Tommy Hazouri deserves lots of tributes

September 26, 2021, We, people with disabilities, the elderly, and alternative lifestyles, are very sad to learn that Tommy Hazouri passed away recently.

New window: Accessibility training at Lucknow metro

September 26, 2021, RailwayGazette: Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corp has worked with the Handicare Indian Association of Persons with Disabilities to organise an inclusive public transport workshop to help senior staff as well as new recruits understand the needs of disabled passengers.

New window: Stuff You Shouldn’t Say To Disabled People

September 26, 2021, Forbes: It’s almost October. In addition to being the much-loved “spooky season,” it is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. It’s a time every year when we celebrate the accomplishments of disabled people in the world of work, and focus attention on the many barriers disabled people still face in the job market.

New window: When Is Covid a Disability? Courts Tackle Issue in Bias Cases

September 23, 2021, BloombergLaw: Ninoshka Matias was fired the same day she reported a positive Covid-19 test and asked for leave to quarantine. Her termination letter indicated that after only a few months on the job, she wasn’t “a good fit.”

New window: Disability rights advocates: Denver Coliseum shelter in 'dire' situation

September 22, 2021, TheDenverChannel: The emergency homeless shelter at the Denver Coliseum has become the emergency itself, according to some disability rights advocates who describe the conditions for people with disabilities as dire.

New window: Disabilities are overlooked on campus

September 22, 2021, TheMississipian: Life as a disabled student at Ole Miss is as similar to that of a non-disabled student as it is different. I still went to frat parties pre-COVID-19, I still go to football games and I still do all the schoolwork my classmates do. I am also sometimes late to class because I couldn’t get across campus fast enough or because the handicap spot I wanted to park in was blocked, and sometimes I’m in such excruciating pain that I can’t focus in class. Such is life. I am just as in control of my academics as many students are, however some things I cannot control force me to need a helping hand along the way.

New window: Limits to online accessibility could run afoul of disabilities law

September 22, 2021, NewsDay: Businesses should pay heed to whether their goods and services are accessible to those with disabilities from their websites to physical locations to stay on the right side of federal law and their potential customers.

New window: What We Know About ADHD Overdiagnosis

September 22, 2021, HealthLine: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects children and adults. Doctors often diagnose ADHD in childhood.

New window: Gabrielle Union: 'My Overall Goal Is to Increase Diversity and Inclusion in a Real Way'

September 21, 2021, AdWeek: “My overall goal is to increase diversity and inclusion in a real way—in an impactful way—to center the needs, narratives [and] desires of marginalized communities,” Union told Adweek’s T.L. Stanley at Brandweek 2021 this week.

New window: Monrovia settles with DOJ to provide more wheelchair-accessible transportation

September 21, 2021, SanGabrielValleyTribune: GoMonrovia has been generally considered a success, but needed to improve service for riders with disabilities

New window: Disabled Traveler Says Airline Destroyed His Wheelchair During Flight

September 21, 2021, In less than four years, more than 15,000 wheelchairs and scooters lost or damaged by airlines

New window: How to Avoid Costly WCAG, ADA & 508 Accessibility Penalties

September 21, 2021, SearchEngineJournal: Creating or updating a site to reach the point of accessibility should be a priority for all businesses. Here's why.

New window: What its like to be black and disabled in America

September 21, 2021, TheAtlantic: Being Black and disabled is a constant struggle.

New window: Disabled gardener pushes past his disability to manage, grow his Warrick Co. greenhouse

September 21, 2021, CourierPress: For Ted Kroeger, working with a disability does not mean he can't do his job, it just means he just needs extra time.

New window: Paralympians bring home gold medals, but we’re failing them on web accessibility

September 20, 2021, TechCrunch: After winning my first gold medal in the 1972 Paralympics, I went out with the swim team for a celebratory dinner. I’ll never forget the paradoxical sight of my teammates — all world-class athletes — being carried in their wheelchairs up the few steps into an inaccessible restaurant. While far from a rare occurrence at the time, the stark contrast between that moment and our victory in the pool earlier that day made it stand out.

New window: Independence cheerleader says she’s been sidelined because of her wheelchair

September 20, 2021, A cheerleader at Truman High School in Independence says the athletic department is restricting her participation because of her wheelchair.

New window: Jessica Oddi on the power of inclusivity, working for Yahoo and why design is subjective

September 20, 2021, CreativeBoom: Jessica Oddi is an independent graphic designer based in Canada with over a decade of experience specialising in accessible design, disability representation and inclusion. In her spare time, she also co-runs a blog, The Disabled Life, where she and her sister share the jerks and perks of living with a disability.

New window: How companies can make their remote working inclusive for the deaf and blind

September 20, 2021, As remote working takes a greater hold amid the coronavirus pandemic, a wealth of opportunities can open up for people that may not have existed before.
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