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More now than ever, accessibility has become the top of mind for any organization. The Canadian Survey on Disability revealed that 22 per cent of Canadians...

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Here's what happened in the accessibility world from July 4–10, 2021

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Minnesota to phase out unequal pay jobs for people with disabilities

July 10, 2021, Star Tribune: Krystal Halford recalls feeling jubilant after landing a job at an assembly plant in Eagan that employs people with disabilities.

Staffing agency discriminated against deaf employees, EEOC charges

July 8, 2021, HR Dive: The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit against Honolulu-based Opportunities and Resources, Inc. and ORI Anuenue Hale, Inc., a work placement agency for individuals with disabilities, alleging the organization violated the Americans with Disabilities Act when it "routinely refused" to provide sign language interpreters to deaf employees.

Model Hits Out at Delta Airlines for 'Breaking Her Wheelchair' and Leaving Her Stranded

July 8, 2021, The Independent–UK: Model and disability advocate Bri Scaleese has shared a TikTok video claiming that Delta Airlines broke her wheelchair, just weeks after her friend was involved in a similar incident that also went viral online.

Enhancing Accessibility in U.S. Elections

July 8, 2021, Center for American Progress: In 2020, voters with disabilities turned out in force in one of the most consequential elections in U.S. history. According to data compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 62 percent of disabled voters cast a ballot in the November 2020 election, compared with just about 56 percent of disabled voters who participated in the 2016 presidential election. 2020’s high turnout is demonstrative of disabled voters’ unwavering resolve to make their voices heard and to fully participate in American democracy.

Accessibility Gains Must Become Lasting Learning Practices

July 7, 2021, Inside Higher Ed: For too long, colleges and universities have waited for students with disabilities to request accommodations before deciding to remove barriers to access and full participation that existed all along. Higher education’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic shone a stark light on those practices, highlighting the shortcomings of this “wait and see” approach when it comes to digital accessibility and curricular access. In the new normal, post-pandemic education institution, we must broaden our focus to create inclusive learning environments that recognize and remove barriers, creating a more equitable system for all.

New Laws Let Americans With Disabilities Vote Online. They’ve Also Resurrected The Debate About Voting Access vs. Election Security.

July 7, 2021, FiveThirtyEight: Since the dawn of the internet, someone has inevitably raised this question every election cycle: Why can’t we vote online? (The question was particularly apt in 2020, when states had to grapple with how to run an election during a pandemic.) And every time, election security experts dutifully answer that there is currently no technological way to guarantee a secure online ballot.

D.C. Circuit overturns FDA ban on shock device for disabled students

July 6, 2021, Reuters: A federal appeals court has overturned the Food and Drug Administration's ban on the use of electric shock devices to correct aggressive or self-harming behavior in adults and children at a Massachusetts school for the developmentally disabled.

Stark Lab introduces Stark for Chrome as Ontario’s AODA kicks in

July 6, 2021, IT Business–CA: The June 30 Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) deadline has come and gone, leaving many organizations scrambling to make their online presence more accessible.

How to Use Netflix's Accessibility Features to Aid Your Viewing

July 6, 2021, MUO: Netflix has over 74 million subscribers in the US and Canada alone. Among that impressive number, Netflix boasts users of every kind: different genders and ages, people with disabilities, visually impaired people, ones with hearing loss, mobility issues, and so on. Netflix ensures to consider their needs, too.

Companies join forces to offer accessible on-demand mobility

July 6, 2021, Smart Cities World: Electric vehicle company Bird has teamed up with Scootaround, a personal transportation solutions provider, to pilot an accessible mobility programme in New York City.

iOS 15: Here are all of the new Accessibility features coming to iPhone

July 5, 2021, 9to5Mac: During WWDC 2021, Apple previewed iOS 15. As the company unveiled many features for the general public, Apple is also always working to make its products accessible to more and more people. Here’s everything new with Accessibility on iOS 15.

Accessibility standards to be developed for UK’s EV infrastructure

July 5, 2021, AirQualityNews: The government has partnered with disability charity Motability to set accessibility standards for the UK’s electric vehicle (EV) charge point infrastructure.

VIDEO: A mission to make tourism inclusive and accessible

July 4, 2021, ABC News–AU: For one in five Australians with a disability, choices for outdoor adventure activities can be limited. Jade Macmillan meets one man on a mission to make the tourism industry more accessible for everyone to enjoy.