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Here's what happened in the accessibility world from June 6–12, 2021

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Guests Cite Americans With Disabilities Act, Call For Change at Avengers Campus

June 12, 2021, Inside the Magic: Disneyland Resort fans waited a long time — through the theme park’s entire year-long COVID-19 closure, in fact — for Avengers Campus to open up its gates at Disney California Adventure Park. But, now that the new Marvel super hero land is finally open for business, some Guests are frustrated with how Disneyland is handling entry into the land.

Opinion: Inclusive Language and the Language of Accessibility

June 11, 2021, Observatory of Education Innovation: On more than one occasion, many of us have had to talk about inclusive language in public spaces such as social networks, where we find a very crowded line of arguments. For example, people often defend the idea that inclusive language refers to resources such as braille or sign language.

Why designers need to consider accessibility in type

June 11, 2021, Design Week–UK: “It’s like an optical illusion, where you start to doubt your own brain,” says Christian Boer. Graphic designer Boer was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child. He explains the condition made school, and later university, a near-impossible challenge. “I could stare at the same two pages for hours – and when I did read, it was wrong,” he says.

I Wanted to Study Abroad, They Couldn’t Accommodate My Disability

June 11, 2021, The Oberlin Review: When I got accepted into a study abroad program last year, I was excited to leave the United States. In this program, I would spend a full academic year overseas with an internship in between semesters. I didn’t realize at the time that leaving Oberlin College also meant leaving behind the Disability Resources at the Center for Student Success. The country I was planning to spend a year in had no equivalent legislation to the Americans with Disabilities Act. After many emails, I found that when it comes to looking for academic accommodations abroad, there is little obligation and even less commitment to helping disabled students.

City of Chico works to improve safety, accessibility in annual Road Rehabilitation Project

June 11, 2021, Chico Enterprise-Record: Construction has begun along Park Avenue from East Ninth Street to East Park Avenue in the city’s annual Road Rehabilitation Project. The purpose of the project is to improve both safety and accessibility, and includes grinding and paving, new striping, new lighting, ADA curb ramps as well as bike lanes, the city said in a press release.

6 ways to make your Word documents more accessible using TTS readers, captions, links and more

June 10, 2021, TechRepublic: You don't always know your audience so when you're creating a document for the web or a number of unknown recipients, so you should keep accessibility in mind. In fact, make it a priority if you want the best results. Accessibility isn't new but it's not on the average Word user's mind—not yet. But Microsoft 365 has gone a long way to help make documents more accessible to a wider audience by including text-to-speech technology. In this article, I'll review three TTS readers and then share a few general guidelines for making Word documents more accessible.

Study Finds Continuing Accessibility Issues with Agency Websites

June 10, 2021, FEDweek: Many federal agency websites still are not in compliance with requirements that they be accessible to those with disabilities, a study has found, saying that the issue has grown more important as the pandemic accelerated to shift of service to the public from in-person to online.

What Stevie Wonder can teach the world about accessible design.

June 10, 2021, August–Au: Let’s start with an obvious statement: Stevie Wonder’s done some amazing things throughout his career.

RWS: Tridion Customers Can Fine-tune Digital Experiences With Siteimprove Add-on

June 10, 2021, Yahoo! Finance: RWS, the world’s leading provider of technology-enabled language, content management and intellectual property services, and Siteimprove have announced a strategic partnership and the launch of a new Tridion add-on for Siteimprove, enabling businesses to easily optimize and fine-tune their digital experiences.

Accessibility at Acropolis sparks a row in Greece

June 9, 2021, Yahoo! News: The Acropolis in Athens has a new concrete pathway to facilitate wheelchair access - and some people are not happy about it.

Ensuring accessibility: Crossing the digital divide in healthcare

June 9, 2021, pharmaphorum: “Rarely does the answer come from the boardroom” – what can user experience teach us about building accessible digital health? No one should be left behind as the world embraces digital healthcare say leading user experience voices.

Clubhouse and its clones have an accessibility problem

June 8, 2021, The Verge: Clubhouse took off last year and spurred competitors to add their own voice chat rooms that can host hundreds if not thousands of people. But the hit app has had a serious problem from the beginning, consistently pointed out by accessibility advocates: it excludes disabled people, with the most obvious issue being that the audio-based app doesn’t have built-in captions. This makes it unusable for deaf people and difficult to use for people who are hard of hearing or struggle with audio processing.

Justice Department Settles Disability Discrimination Claims Against 19 Building Owners

June 8, 2021, Department of Justice: The Justice Department today announced that it reached a single agreement with 19 building owners* who rent space in their buildings to stores and restaurants. The agreement requires the owners to fix their buildings so that people with mobility disabilities, like wheelchair users, can get in the door to shop or eat. Physical barriers, like steps at an entrance, can keep people with disabilities out and cause discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

These disabled streamers & advocates are helping to tackle accessibility issues in gaming

June 8, 2021, Newz Hook: Video games are enjoyed by billions of people around the world, disabled and non-disabled. For people with disabilities playing video games is fun and rewarding and a great opportunity to connect with a larger community. Over the decades many big companies out there are prioritising accessible gaming and they are turning to disabled streamers and gamers for insights into accessibility in gaming.

5 Things to Focus on for an Accessible Website

June 7, 2021, Built In: The internet is one of life's greatest inventions — or at least it should be. Unfortunately, not all information on the world wide web can be accessed by everyone. Because not everyone can use the internet in the conventional way. This is why web accessibility is so important.

High school is hard enough for disabled students. Don’t take away our Zoom classes.

June 7, 2021, Input: Back in February 2019, when I was an eighth grader, I and hundreds of other nervous students toured my future Chicago high school. My tour had one major difference though.

Blind Winn-Dixie Customer Further Appeals Website Access Ruling

June 7, 2021, Bloomberg Law: A blind Winn-Dixie customer who couldn’t refill a prescription using a computer wants the full Eleventh Circuit to throw out a decision that marked the first time a federal appeals court said websites aren’t covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Many federal websites don't meet accessibility requirements, study finds

June 6, 2021, FCW: Compliance with federal standards for web accessibility on federal government domains varies widely, according to a report by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a think tank for science and tech policy, released on Thursday.

Lack of accessible housing left woman showering at work for months

June 6, 2021, Stuff–NZ: Wheelchair-user Erin Gough looked at hundreds of rental property listings and spent months showering at work, before she was able to secure a house she could really live in.