Genetic Condition


Human condition or disease that occurs when a person’s DNA changes.


The website,, laid out 3 categories of genetic conditions:

  1. Single gene: caused by changes in a single gene. Examples of single gene conditions include Huntington’s Disease, cystic fibrosis, and muscular dystrophy.
  2. Chromosome: conditions caused when chromosomes change in number or structure. An example of this is Down syndrome.
  3. Multifactorial disorders: caused when multiple genes are altered. These conditions can be affected by genes that interact with people’s lifestyles and their environments. Cancer is an example of this.

Medical investigators purport that 10% of adults have some form of genetic condition, however minor. In addition, 80% of rare conditions diagnosed around the world have genetic causes.

The existence of certain genetic conditions, such as cancer, are universally condemned. However, those with other conditions, such as Down syndrome, may have varied feelings about their diagnoses. Some in the Down syndrome community hope for a cure. However, others diagnosed with Down syndrome may consider the disability to be an integral part of their lives and resist a cure.