Tuesday, April 9th, 2024  1 PM ET

How to select the right PDF Remediation Software for your business

How to choose the right PDF remediation software for your business to assist you in creating digitally accessible and inclusive PDFs. 

Key takeaways

  • Why and when do you need remediated PDFs?
  • When would you opt for PDF remediation software over services?
  • How to evaluate prospective vendors.
  • What should you budget?


PDF Remediation Software Companies

Picking the PDF remediation software to assist in making your business operations digitally accessible requires an examination of the industry, a comparison of vendors, and demoing the software. We will discuss the landscape of the industry based on the following companies:


Companies Highlighted


Crawford Technologies


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Mark Shapiro

President | Accessibility.com

Casey Naiduk

Senior Manager, Digital Accessibility | Bristol Myers Squibb

Doug Koppenhofer

VP, Accessibility Center of Excellence | Crawford Technologies

Jozef Baranec


Moïse Akbaraly

Co-Founder | DocAxess

Aimee Ubbink

Assistant Director DAS Operations, PMP, EDP | Crawford Technologies

Ligia Mora

Sr. Product Manager | Crawford Technologies