Tuesday, February 27th, 2024  1 PM ET

How to select the right Closed Captioning Services for your business

Aligning the perfect closed captioning services to your business needs is crucial to effective, inclusive communication among employees and customers.

Key takeaways

  • Why and when do you need closed captioning
  • Laws and regulations
  • How to evaluate prospective vendors
  • What should you budget


ASL Translation Services Companies

Selecting a Closed Captioning company among hundreds of competitors can be daunting. We will discuss the landscape of the industry based on the following companies:


We will dive deep into Closed Captioning Services, highlighting specific companies and discussing key vendor differences. 

Companies Highlighted

3Play Media

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Mark Shapiro

President | Accessibility.com

Darlene Parker

Advisor | FCC’s Disability Advisory Committee

Lily Bond

Senior VP Marketing | 3Play Media