Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023  1 PM ET

Ensure self-service is accessible to everyone.

The trend of self-service for customers through mobile apps and kiosks has exploded in recent years. Identify gaps in your processes that may prevent all customers from utilizing these tools. Explore how to provide an accessible user experience for all when designing, developing, and deploying mobile apps and kiosks.

Key Takeaways

  • Examples of mobile apps and kiosks: who got it right?
  • Additional considerations when developing an app or kiosk
  • What features and assistive technology to focus on
  • iOS and Android: How operating systems affect design, development, and deployment
  • Testing and deployment approaches
  • Creating a feedback loop specific to apps and kiosks
  • Ongoing accessibility auditing processes
  • Metrics for measuring success


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Casey Naiduk

Senior Manager, Digital Accessibility | Bristol Myers Squibb

Garry Harstad

Vice President of Technology | The Bureau of Internet Accessibility

Bridget Shapiro