March 2021
Monthly Website Accessibility Lawsuit Recap

Key takeaways

  • 248 website accessibility lawsuits were filed in March, the most in our database's history.
  • WCAG 2.0 was cited more than WCAG 2.1 for the second straight month.
  • Consumer goods, apparel, and food products industries were targeted most.
  • Five plaintiffs filed 41% of the month's website accessibility lawsuits.
  • Nearly 70% of all lawsuits were filed in New York.


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Lawsuits by Most-Targeted Industries

Consumer goods

16% (40)


16% (40)

Food products

15% (38)

Leisure products

12% (30)


6% (16)

Consumer Goods and Apparel industries were targeted with 40 lawsuits each in March, combining for nearly one-third of all website accessibility lawsuits. The Food Products industry saw a significant increase in lawsuits, finishing just two behind the leaders with 38.

Lawsuit Filings Per State


New York

69% (172)


19% (46)


8% (21)


3% (8)


<1% (1)

New York registered its highest number of lawsuits in a single month with 172 cases filed in March. The Empire State continued its streak as the most popular state for website accessibility cases for the eleventh straight month.

California produced more than double the number of cases of Florida, and cases trickled out of Pennsylvania and Illinois.

Accessibility Standards Specified

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are the most popular and respected digital accessibility standards.

For the second month in a row, WCAG 2.0 was the most popular, referenced in more cases than WCAG 2.1. This didn't happen at all in the later half of 2020, and now has occurred in February and March of 2021.

Out of 248 lawsuits, 141 specifically cite a lack of WCAG 2.0 compliance, 130 cite a lack of WCAG 2.1 compliance, 22 cite Section 508, and eight don't cite any. Some may also cite more than one.

  • WCAG 2.0 was published in 2008 and was the industry standard for a full decade.
  • WCAG 2.1 was published in 2018 and is now considered the industry standard. This latest version of WCAG added to but didn't remove anything from WCAG 2.0, making it backwards-compatible with its predecessor.
  • Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a key digital accessibility law, requiring federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology (EIT) accessible to employees and the public.
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Plaintiffs Who Filed the Most Lawsuits

Cristian Sanchez is the most litigious website accessibility plaintiff for the second straight month, filing 37 lawsuits in March after filing 30 in February. The only non-New York plaintiff in the top-five filing list was Victor Ariza out of Florida.

Cristian Sanchez

37 lawsuits filed

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  • Sanchez v. FiveFour Group LLC
  • Sanchez v. Auction Edge, Inc.
  • Sanchez v. Cargurus, Inc.
  • Sanchez v. ZGTL LLC
  • Sanchez v. Brickell Brands, LLC
  • Sanchez v. USA Wine & Spirits, Inc.
  • Sanchez v. Westrock Coffee Company, LLC
  • Sanchez v. Royal Cup Inc.
  • Sanchez v. Ronnoco Coffee, LLC
  • Sanchez v. Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA, Inc.
  • Sanchez v. The Wasserstrom Company
  • Sanchez v. Bargreen-Ellingson, Inc.
  • Sanchez v. American Mint LLC
  • Sanchez v. Gobrands, Inc.
  • Sanchez v. Cratejoy, Inc.
  • Sanchez v. Alpha Mart Holdings LLC
  • Sanchez v. PlentyofFish Media, LLC
  • Sanchez v. SD Bullion, Inc.
  • Sanchez v. Payward, Inc.
  • Sanchez v. Gain Capital Group, LLC
  • Sanchez v. Money Metals Exchange LLC
  • Sanchez v. Universal Coin & Bullion, LTD.
  • Sanchez v. BAM Trading Services Inc.
  • Sanchez v. Alternative IRA Services, LLC
  • Sanchez v. BitPay, Inc.
  • Sanchez v. Betterment Inc
  • Sanchez v. Atom Finance, Inc.
  • Sanchez v. Purely Elizabeth LLC
  • Sanchez v. Mount Olive Pickle Company, Inc.
  • Sanchez v. W.P. Produce Corporation
  • Sanchez v. Barkman Honey, LLC
  • Sanchez v. USGB LLC
  • Sanchez v. Collectors Universe, Inc.
  • Sanchez v. Panini America
  • Sanchez v. Browning
  • Sanchez v. Wholesale Coins Direct, LLC
  • Sanchez v. Welcome Skateboards Inc.

Jose Quezada

21 lawsuits filed

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  • Quezada v. Waterman Ventures, Inc.
  • Quezada v. Southern Scholar Socks and Hosiery, Inc.
  • Quezada v. Slidebelts Inc.
  • Quezada v. Honeybee Gardens Inc.
  • Quezada v. BOSS Art Culture, LLC
  • Quezada v. Ergogenesis Workplace Solutions, LLC
  • Quezada v. Inspire Uplift LLC
  • Quezada v. FiGPiN Collect Awesome, Inc.
  • Quezada v. Mad Cow Memories, LLC
  • Quezada v. ICG America Inc.
  • Quezada v. Ittella International, LLC
  • Quezada v. Walden Local, Inc.
  • Quezada v. Segway Inc.
  • Quezada v. Captain Fin Co. LLC
  • Quezada v. Cryptozoic Entertainment, LLC
  • Quezada v. Kidrobot, Inc.
  • Quezada v. Hurricane Group, Inc.
  • Quezada v. Maven Coalition, Inc.
  • Quezada v. American City Business Journals, Inc.
  • Quezada v. Investors Alley Corp.
  • Quezada v. Wonderdads, LLC

Milton Williams

17 lawsuits filed

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  • Williams v. Wine.Com, LLC
  • Williams v. OSF Investments, LLC
  • Williams v. Gillenwater Flooring Center, Inc
  • Williams v. Zoro Tools, Inc.
  • Williams v. Lodge Manufacturing Company
  • Williams v. Limited Liability Company
  • Williams v. Jelly Belly Candy Company
  • Williams v. Goetzes Candy Company, Inc
  • Williams v. Hawthorne Food Company
  • Williams v. Helix Nutrition LLC
  • Williams v. Pez Candy, Inc.
  • Williams v. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc.
  • Williams v. Natures Flavors
  • Williams v. Taffy Town, Inc.
  • Williams v. Standard Candy Company, LLC
  • Williams v. Pacific Trimming Enterprise Inc.
  • Williams v. M & J Trimming Company, Inc.

Victor Ariza

14 lawsuits filed

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  • Ariza v. Lola Shoes USA LLC
  • Ariza v. Designer Eyes, Inc.
  • Ariza v. Ponko Inc.
  • Ariza v. GZ USA Inc.
  • Ariza v. Lafayette 148, Inc.
  • Ariza v. Ioraneusa, LLC
  • Ariza v. Plantage Rio, Inc.
  • Ariza v. H & M Hennes & Mauritz, LP
  • Ariza v. Nissa USA, LLC
  • Ariza v. Michele Lopriore International, Inc.
  • Ariza v. Paloma Barcelo USA Corp
  • Ariza v. Diatrade, LLC
  • Ariza v. APM.MC USA, Inc.
  • Ariza v. Hanesbrands Inc.

Michelle Tenzer Fuchs

13 lawsuits filed

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  • Tenzer Fuchs v. CarGurus, Inc.
  • Tenzer-Fuchs v. Paul Miller Auto Group, LLC
  • Tenzer-Fuchs v. Newgh, LLC
  • Tenzer-Fuchs v. LILYSILK BEDDING, INC,
  • Tenzer-Fuchs v. Kellogg Company
  • Tenzer-Fuchs v. Baggallini, Inc
  • Tenzer-Fuchs v. Fred Meyer Jewelers, Inc
  • Tenzer-Fuchs v. Alan Furman & Co., Inc
  • Tenzer-Fuchs v. E.L.F Cosmetics, Inc
  • Tenzer-Fuchs v. Eleven Australia North America, Inc.
  • Tenzer-Fuchs v. Pier 1 Imports Online Inc.
  • Tenzer-Fuchs v. Temp-tations, LLC
  • Tenzer-Fuchs v. Monster Worldwide, Inc

Law Firms That Filed the Most Lawsuits

Cohen & Mizrahi

New York
37 lawsuits filed

Pacific Trial Attorneys

35 lawsuits filed

Gottlieb and Associates

New York
27 lawsuits filed

Mars Khaimov

New York
21 lawsuits filed

Stein Saks, PLLC

New Jersey
21 lawsuits filed

Cohen & Mizrahi and Pacific Trial Attorneys swap spots in March, with Cohen & Mizrahi moving to the number-one spot and Pacific Trial Attorneys moving to number two. Gottlieb and Associates appears in the top-five list again after being absent in February. Notably, four of the top-five filing law firms in March are from the Tri-State area.

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