All Sponsors receive the following:

  • Virtual Event Booth
    • Logo, descriptions, social links, website, address, phone
    • List of booth staff (4) and ability to connect directly with attendees
    • Live Text Chat feature with attendees that visit your booth
    • Connect your video chat room
    • Ad space within your booth (225 x 185 – on the left side, under social icons)
    • Email button in the booth so attendees can directly email you
    • Check-in button for gamification to boost booth traffic
    • Booths are searchable for attendees by company name, visitor interests, company categories, alpha, state/country, keywords
    • Attendees may request/schedule meetings with your team at the event
    • External Links to Other Company Sites: Meeting Scheduler (e.g. Calendly), Survey (e.g. Survey Monkey), Video Meeting platform (e.g. ZOOM/WebEx rooms)
  • Branding on the sponsorship page: logo, description, link to the company website
  • Logo on all conference promotional materials
  • Logo in the Monthly Accessibility.com Newsletter, pre-conference (Two months)
  • Five full-access guest passes (separate from employee access)
  • Exhibitor Dashboard Access
  • If you are a sponsor of any of the speaking sessions – this will display in your booth as well (for example "Sponsor of Keynote Session")(*requires additional sponsorship)
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AccessibilityPlus Virtual Conference

Sponsorship Levels

Premier $7,950

  • 10-Minute Promotional Video
  • List 5 Products / Services (+ Feature 1 Product/Service)
  • Upload 10 Brochures / Flyers / Documents (PDF format)
  • Upload 5 Images
  • Upload 3 Videos (+ Feature 1 Video)
  • Offer 3 Show Specials (+ Feature 1 Show Special)
  • Registration List Available to You 2 Weeks Prior to the Event
  • Post-event attendees list

Featured $4,500

  • 5-Minute Promotional Video
  • List 3 Products/Services
  • Upload 5 Brochures / Flyers / Documents (PDF format)
  • Upload 5 Images
  • Upload 2 Videos (+ Feature 1 Video)
  • Offer 1 Show Special
  • Registration List Available to You 3 Days Prior to the Event
  • Post-event attendees list

Exhibitor $1,500

  • Upload 2 Brochures / Flyers / Documents (PDF format)
  • Upload 2 Images
  • Upload 1 Video
  • Post-event visitors of your booth list

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities:

ASL Sponsorship announced before each keynote speaker.
Sponsor supplies and delivers the prizes (e.g. IPad or 1st, 2nd & 3rd place items etc.)
Sponsor will be mentioned at the beginning of the day and honored in the conference materials.
All Polls will carry the sponsor's logo.
Three Sponsorhips available for inclusion in 30 second video 'Intro' and 'Outro'.
Your logo in session list, above session details.
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For more details on sponsorships, please contact Lori Litz at Lori@Accessibility.com.