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Our goal for each person that we reach is to light a fire of determination to show that blindness doesn't have to define you or how you choose to live your life.

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“We empower people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities by creating diverse, sustainable, and meaningful employment opportunities.”

Services Provided

At The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. they are forging new employment opportunities and innovating accessible technologies and work processes. Through training and technology, the Lighthouse offers a new trajectory for how people live their lives. Their employees inspire others by demonstrating that working with vision loss is possible.

The Lighthouse is the largest employer of people who are blind west of the Mississippi and largest employer of DeafBlind individuals in the United States.

From aerospace machining, production, service businesses, retail, administration, accounting, human resources, employee training, and executive-level management, there are people who are blind and DeafBlind powering everything the Lighthouse does. Over half of its dedicated staff members are blind, DeafBlind, or blind with other disabilities.


Nearly 70 years ago, the Lighthouse began our machine shop operation. They have been a continual contractor with The Boeing Company since 1952. Today, the Lighthouse is an ISO9001- and AS9100-accredited manufacturer. They specializes in precision machining, assembly, injection molding, and SKILCRAFT Products.

AbilityOne Base Supply Centers

The Lighthouse operates over half a dozen AbilityOne Base Supply Centers (BSCs) up and down the U.S. West Coast, which offers one-stop shopping to military personnel and federal employees.

Managed Services

The Lighthouse offers a variety of services to commercial, federal, and military customers. These include Contract Management Support services for government contracting offices and a Contact Center.

Programs and Services

The generosity of the community allows the Lighthouse to meet people where they are in their journey of vision loss. Employees are able to receive ongoing training and support, enhancing skills that lead to upward mobility in the workplace.

  • Accessible Workspace: The Lighthouse is dedicated to providing an accessible work environment, including braille displays, adaptive computer technology, altered lighting, and more. Each employee has the opportunity to customize their environment to suit their individual needs.
  • Braille Literacy: Braille literacy is a vital skill for upward mobility and employment, and the Lighthouse seeks to address this need through classes, individual instruction, and reading clubs.
  • Computer Training: The Lighthouse offers a computer training lab where employees can learn to use a wide range of adaptive technology resources, software applications, and skills for upward mobility.
  • DeafBlind Community Classes and Support Services: The DeafBlind Community Class creates a space for DeafBlind people to come together, share or learn information in an accessible format and environment.
  • DeafBlind Retreat: For over 40 years, the DeafBlind Retreat has offered a fully accessible experience to campers from all over the country, giving DeafBlind people the opportunity to network, learn, educate, recreate, and connect.
  • Ethel L. Dupar Fragrant Garden: The Ethel L. Dupar Fragrant Garden is a beautiful place for employees and community members to relax and relieve stress during the workday, and enjoy the sensory experience of the fragrant garden.
  • Interpreting Services and ProTactile American Sign Language: The Lighthouse hires freelance interpreters to meet the needs of DeafBlind employees and employees who require a language other than spoken English. ProTactile American Sign Language is taught to employees who are sighted and blind to facilitate communication with DeafBlind colleagues. The Lighthouse is one of the only places in the country where people who are blind are taught sign language so all colleagues can communicate with one another.
  • Low Vision Services, Clinic and Store: Available to the community as well as employees, Lighthouse Low Vision Services seeks to meet the immense gap in services for individuals with low vision, providing rehabilitation services, clinical exams, and tools to assist people as they adjust to vision loss.
  • Orientation & Mobility Program: The Lighthouse's Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Specialists ensure that employees who are blind can safely navigate to work, home, and around their communities. From busy city streets and public transit to local coffee shops, our O&M Specialists equip people with the technology, tools, and training needed to safely and independently navigate their communities.
  • Supported Employment Program: The Supported Employment Program utilizes the Lighthouse’s expertise in designing accessible workspaces to gainfully employ people who are blind with other disabilities, which broadens employment opportunities to people who may need additional assistance, including the support of a Job Coach.
  • Technology Training Center: The Technology Training Center offers fully accessible computer stations to DeafBlind employees and community members, along with individual courses taught by DeafBlind instructors.

How Many People Reached

Last year, 455 people were provided services.

How Donations Are Used

To support its various assistive programs.

Project Spotlight

The Lighthouse is expanding its programs to enhance services for the Low Vision Community: Lighthouse Low Vision Rehabilitation Services, Lighthouse Low Vision Clinic, and Lighthouse Low Vision Store.

Interesting Facts

The Lighthouse manufactured 4,207,719 aerospace parts, defense products, and office products last year by people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities.

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2501 S. Plum Street
Seattle, WA 98144
(206) 322-4200

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