Verbit helps small businesses and leading corporations alike ensure their content, videos, events, meetings, podcasts and sites are more accessible with leading transcription, captioning, audio description and translation solutions.

Verbit supports businesses as they invest more in offering equitable experiences to employees and customers, while meeting ADA guidelines. Verbit's accessibility technologies help to address the needs of individuals with disabilities, as well as support more remote, global businesses leaders who want to engage audiences more effectively. Using Verbit’s in-house Artificial Intelligence and team of human transcribers, business leaders can deliver the 99% accurate captions and transcripts needed for accessibility, which most built-in tools do not meet. Verbit integrates with business video platforms, such as Kaltura, YouTube, Zoom, WebEx and more to create a smooth process to deliver more inclusive experiences seamlessly.

Is your workplace accessible and inclusive?

ADA Lawsuits are on the rise by 64% 

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