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June 2021


Accessibility Monthly Bulletin


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The Either-Or Dilemma

Casey Naiduk, Head of Content and Experience

What I'm calling the "either-or dilemma" has to be one of the biggest challenges facing the universal acceptance and application of accessibility best practices.

This is the notion that something can either be beautifully-designed or it can be accessible; it can be compelling or it can be accessible; on-brand or accessible; innovative or accessible â€” you get the point.

I've reflected on why this is for a long time and I don't have it all figured out, but consider this: as long as the people responsible for accessibility are necessarily different and separate from the people responsible for [beauty, compelling content, brand, innovation], it will always feel like a struggle, a choice between competing priorities.

But it doesn't have to stay this way.

Integrate accessibility into every design course. Teach developers how to code an accessible menu before they learn how to code an inaccessible one. Target the assistive technology user in marketing plans as heavily as you target anyone else. And watch as the either-or dilemma disappears from product development.


Accessibility Blog

AccessibilityPlus: October 12-14, 2021

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Group of six coworkers around a meeting table, one of whom is in a wheelchair

Average Costs of Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace

According to a factsheet published by the US Department of Labor, one of the common myths prevalent among employers is that providing accommodation for workers with disabilities is expensive. The factsheet goes on to say that...
Three coworkers seated and chatting in the office. One is in a wheelchair.

Valuable 500 Hits Namesake Goal, Shines Light on Disability at Some of the World's Biggest Companies

As reported by the BBC, Disability Scoop, and other outlets this week, leaders at business giants like Mastercard, Prada, and Lenovo have made a commitment to both disabled employees and customers. The announcement comes...



Accessibility Matters

Video interview series featuring accessibility game-changers.

Digital Accessibility Lawsuit Database

View full database of digital accessibility lawsuits since 2019.

U.S. Disability Rights Timeline

The fight for equality goes back to the country's origins.

Accessibility News

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Here are some of the biggest stories of the month.

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Accessibility News Briefly

First-Of-Its-Kind Disability Climate and Culture Survey, Amplify, Now Available

Yahoo! Finance: Today, Global Disability Inclusion, in partnership with Mercer, the world's largest human resources consulting firm, is excited to announce the launch of Amplify, a groundbreaking, first-ever climate and culture survey focused on...

Clubhouse and its clones have an accessibility problem

The Verge: Clubhouse took off last year and spurred competitors to add their own voice chat rooms that can host hundreds if not thousands of people. But the hit app has had a serious problem from the beginning, consistently pointed out by accessibility...

Many federal websites don't meet accessibility requirements, study finds

FCW: Compliance with federal standards for web accessibility on federal government domains varies widely, according to a report by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a think tank for science and tech policy, released on Thursday.

Organization Spotlight

Livox logo

Video: Accessibility Matters™ with Christopher Patnoe

Headshot of Chris

Take in the wisdom of Christopher Patnoe, Head of Accessibility Programs and Disability Inclusion at Google!

Chris is an advocate who walks the talk of building accessibility into every single part of the product development lifecycle.

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AccessibilityPlus: Save your spot now. Oct. 12-14   100 SE 2nd St.  STE 2000 PMB 110  Miami  FL      

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