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August 2021


Accessibility Monthly Bulletin


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Reserve Your Space at AccessibilityPlus 2021

Kevin McDaniel, Editor-in-chief is proud of our role in promoting accessibility and equal access, while recognizing there is much work to be done. As we continue to celebrate the 31st Anniversary of the ADA, we have opened registration for AccessibilityPlus, a live three-day virtual conference to promote inclusion, diversity, accessibility, and equal access. The conference is free to attend for the first 500 participants and will be the first of its kind with representation from Fortune 500 Companies that have demonstrated commitment to accessibility and organizations dedicated to removing barriers for persons with disabilities. For more information about the conference, speakers, and topics, please visit our AccessibilityPlus registration page.


Accessibility Blog

ADA Americans with Disabilities Act celebrates the 31st Anniversary of the ADA celebrates the 31st Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act by promoting accessibility education and awareness.

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A man using a wheelchair views the shore of a lake

Disability Awareness: Progress Since the ADA and Challenges Ahead

Disability awareness has been defined as a capability or skill of "being mindful of the disabilities of people and managing to communicate and work with them effectively." This has become an increasingly important topic in both the public and private sectors over the past several decades. Certainly, progress has been made, but what challenges lie ahead?
AccessibilityPlus - Global Accessibility Summit for the Business World

AccessibilityPlus 2021 - Registration Open

AccessibilityPlus 20201: the Global Conference. Learn why inclusive organizations win today. Find, hire, and keep a diverse workforce. Share your brand's story with everyone. Find new assistive tech and make your tech better. Build accessibility into every release, every time. Define policies and programs that work. Leaders, join us for AccessibilityPlus 2021. 



Accessibility Matters

Video interview series featuring accessibility game-changers.

Digital Accessibility Lawsuit Database

View full database of digital accessibility lawsuits since 2019.

Customer Service Video Course

Engaging accessibility training for virtual customer service teams.

Accessibility News

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Accessibility News Briefly

Microsoft Accessibility Boss Jenny Lay-Flurrie Reflects On Three Decades Of The ‘Landmark’ Americans With Disabilities Act

Forbes: This week marked the 31st anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, colloquially known as the ADA. President George H.W. Bush signed the bill into law on July 26, 1990 in a ceremony at the White House’s Rose Garden.

A Proclamation on Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, 2021

The White House: Thirty-one years ago, on July 26, 1990, our Nation moved closer to the fulfillment of its foundational promise when we passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This landmark law affirms and protects the fundamental rights of people with disabilities...

How to Make Your Recruitment Process More Accessible

HR News: According to the most recent disabled people in employment report, in the UK, 1 in 5 people of working-age reported they were disabled. Despite this disabled people have an employment rate that has remained around 30% lower than people who are not disabled for more than a decade, which is...

Organization Spotlight


CommonLook Premier

Video: Accessibility Matters™ with Susan Gordon-Ryan

Susan Gordon Ryan

"I really built it out of things that I wanted as a kid that I never had." - Susan Gordon-Ryan, Creator of Empire Games

Susan had polio as a young child, which led to disability that helped shape her life's work and her crowning achievement — creating the Empire Games.

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AccessibilityPlus: Save your spot now. Oct. 12-14   100 SE 2nd St.  STE 2000 PMB 110  Miami  FL      

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