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Here's what's happening in accessibility news. We provide these news briefs for your information and convenience, and we don't endorse or recommend any of these publications or products. Check back for updates every weekday.

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New window: LAUSD’s independent study program is overwhelmed. Students with disabilities pay the price

December 6, 2021, LATimes: Maya Flores stared at her laptop screen, watching as her teacher guided classmates on how to complete online assignments.

New window: Microsoft designs deceptively simple ways to make its tech more accessible

December 6, 2021, WallPaper: The Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit – making keyboards navigable for the visually impaired – is a modest but important accessory, and a move towards more accessible technology.

New window: Tencent Launches Emergency Services App for the Deaf

December 6, 2021, SixthTone: China has more than 20 million hard of hearing people. Tech giant Tencent says its new system will help them make emergency calls.

New window: Autism society helps kids meet Santa with less stress

December 5, 2021, The Autism Society of Mahoning Valley hosted their ninth annual inclusive meet-and-greet with Santa. The event was held at Eastwood Mall Sunday before the mall opened to the public.

New window: Microsoft releases free gaming accessibility course

December 3, 2021, Microsoft has released a new online course, free to everyone, that covers the fundamentals of making gaming more accessible.

New window: Florida prisons will soon have more disability accommodations

December 2, 2021, Change is coming for members of Florida’s aging incarcerated population who live with disabilities. The Florida Department of Corrections and Disability Rights Florida have reached a settlement following allegations that the state prison agency was failing to provide proper disability accommodations behind bars.

New window: What to Do When You Can’t Afford ADHD Coaching

December 1, 2021, PsychCentral: ADHD coaching can help you improve coping skills and work toward your goals. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

New window: How accessibility in theatre has changed after lockdown

December 1, 2021, SWLondoner: While we still haven’t said goodbye to COVID-19, as most places are now fully open and functioning back to normal, it is a good time to see if such places kept up with their promises.

New window: Pandemic has heightened IT's accessibility issues, official says

November 30, 2021, StateScoop: The past two years have exposed technology accessibility problems across all sectors, but especially for state governments that’ve had to make sure that employees with disabilities can stay connected to their agencies during long periods of remote work, and that vulnerable constituents can receive vital services, according to a new publication from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers.

New window: Spoken Rx™ Talking Prescription Labels Now Available in All CVS Pharmacy Locations

November 30, 2021, PRNewsWire: CVS Pharmacy, the retail division of CVS Health (NYSE: CVS) is now offering Spoken Rx™, its proprietary audio prescription label solution, in all its nearly 10,000 pharmacy locations nationwide, including more than 1,700 CVS Pharmacy locations within Target. Developed in collaboration with the American Council of the Blind, Spoken Rx is a technology that allows patients to have their prescription information read aloud, designed for those with visual impairments and those who cannot read standard print labels. It is available at no extra cost to patients.

New window: Crime Against People With Disabilities On The Rise

November 30, 2021, DisabilityScoop: People with disabilities are nearly four times more likely than others to be victims of violent crime, according to new federal data.

New window: Adobe : Make disability inclusion the norm

November 30, 2021, MarketScreener: In recognition of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Adobe employee Sipan Asatryan shares his hopes for the future of inclusivity and accessibility.

New window: Ummm Is ADHD Considered a Disability?

November 30, 2021, If you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), focusing and paying attention can be an everyday challenge.

New window: COVID, Disability And Labor Force Participation

November 30, 2021, SeekingAlpha: Pandemic era income support programs are largely over. As of September 6, 2021, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation, Extended Benefits, $300 Extra Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation, and the $100 Mixed Earner Unemployment Compensation programs all expired. The Biden administration supported the termination of these programs and only a few Congressional Democrats objected.

New window: Eternals: Superhero Movie for Representation in Diversity & Disability

November 29, 2021, RoyalPurpleNews: Get ready for a superhero movie that shows representation in diversity, disability, laser beams, cool fight scenes, interesting story, and beautiful cinematography.

New window: Long COVID has been a reality since the beginning of the pandemic. The patients who have it are desperate for answers that doctors don't yet have.

November 29, 2021, NationalPublicRadio: Before she became sick with a coronavirus infection in January, Semhar Fisseha was a healthy, active 39-year-old.

New window: Your View: Hiring people with disabilities can help solve labor crisis

November 29, 2021, TheMorningCall: Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the forefront of many conversations, particularly regarding employment practices. The discussion generally centers around gender, race and sexual orientation but often overlooks or neglects disability.

New window: The Washington Post to host Live Event: Disability in America

November 24, 2021, WashingtonPost: Society was created for individuals with specific physical abilities. Some disability advocates would argue that this reality has bred ingenuity and adaptability among disabled people that drives innovative, technological change. Join Washington Post Live on Tuesday, Nov. 30 at 1:30 p.m. ET for a conversation that explores how disability drives innovation featuring founder and CEO of Tilting the Lens Sinéad Burke, entrepreneur Wesley Hamilton and architect Jeffrey Mansfield.

New window: Tennessee Disability Coalition opposes new state mask law

November 23, 2021, NewsChannel5: The Tennessee Disability Coalition opposes the new Omnibus law passed by the state legislature. A spokesperson for TDC said it violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

New window: Report shows accessibility in gaming is both challenge and opportunity

November 23, 2021, TechCrunch: The gaming community, developers and publishers are beginning to embrace accessibility as a core part of the business and hobby, but there’s a long way to go. A report on the needs and habits of disabled gamers in the U.K. suggests that millions worldwide face difficulties regularly in how they play, buy or otherwise enjoy games.