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New window: Narrowing the data gap: World Bank and Microsoft commit to unlocking better development outcomes for persons with disabilities

June 15, 2022, Microsoft: Across the world, persons with disabilities remain invisible in the global development agenda. One key reason is because of variances in the availability and use of disability-disaggregated data across organizations and borders. While it is estimated that one billion people, or 15 percent of the world’s population, have a disability – more data is needed to understand the true scale of the living conditions and development outcomes for persons with disabilities, and to get clarity on the degree to which persons with disabilities continue to be underserved. This reality is a part of what the World Bank calls the disability divide – the gap in societal inclusion for persons with disabilities in all stages of development programs, including education, employment and digital inclusion. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this risk and exposed some of the existing inequalities faced on a regular basis.

New window: Three Steps To Start Practicing Inclusive Product Development

June 15, 2022, Forbes: The way we build digital products is broken. Mass digitization of the economy has afforded many people improved access, comfort, convenience, speed and much more.?Whether that’s working remotely, shopping for groceries from the comfort of your home or accessing healthcare, it’s all possible because of the innovative companies that are making our lives better every day. Unfortunately, over a billion people with disabilities don’t benefit the same way. Digital products serve as the backbone of the modern economy. But, often, these tools don’t work for people with disabilities—they reflect the people who build them more than the people who use them.?This isn't a problem of intention but of outcome. Product teams aren't intentionally designing products that exclude users, but a lack of team diversity, specialized knowledge and access to feedback from people with disabilities results in users being left behind.

New window: Three Steps To Improve Your Nonprofit’s Digital Accessibility

June 15, 2022, Forbes: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four American adults (61 million people) have some type of disability. Despite these findings, much of the internet remains inaccessible to those who require additional assistance. Everybody should be able to navigate and engage with the web, regardless of their cognitive, neurological, auditory, physical, visual or speech-related disabilities. Some organizations, like accessiBe and Work With Me, do focus on the importance of inclusion and digital accessibility. But many companies don’t prioritize these initiatives. In 2011, for example, only 5% of Netflix streaming titles provided closed-captioning or subtitles to make them accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing subscribers. Even then, progress didn’t happen until the National Association of the Deaf and other organizations filed lawsuits against companies like Netflix and CNN to request immediate action and accessibility for their viewers.

New window: Secretary-General's remarks at the 15th Session of the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

June 14, 2022, The United Nations: This 15th session of the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is an important moment for stocktaking and reflection.

New window: Disabilities convention supports ‘inclusive, accessible, and sustainable world’

June 14, 2022, Saudi Gazette: We have the tools to end the “systemic marginalization” of persons with disabilities, the UN chief told the 15th Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on Tuesday. “Together, we can make sure that every person...can fully participate in every aspect of life — social, economic, cultural, and political”, said Secretary-General António Guterres, adding that “we can, and we will, advance our common future.”

New window: Google Chrome gains AI improvements to increase security and accessibility

June 14, 2022, The Goa Spotlight: Google has announced that its Chrome browser is getting smarter and more secure. The company revealed that new machine learning features are available in the browser that are primarily intended to improve some existing tools in the software. Among these tools are navigation, which becomes safer and protects the user against scams and fake websites, and even accessibility tools, which gain improvements for a more personalized and fluid experience. Understand what changes.

New window: Visit Lauderdale Revamps Website With New Emphasis On Accessibility

June 13, 2022, Travel Awaits: Fort Lauderdale’s travel and tourism board wants everyone to feel welcome — especially visitors with disabilities or mobility concerns. The board, known as Visit Lauderdale, just launched a new microsite focused on accessibility. Travelers with disabilities or mobility differences know that planning a trip comes with added stress and considerations at nearly every stage of the journey. Visit Lauderdale’s new microsite addresses those concerns head-on, with tips to help make your visit smoother from start to finish.

New window: Building truly accessible digital products goes way beyond your limited checklist

June 13, 2022, Fast Company: Companies will have a compliance checklist to ensure their product and content meet website accessibility guidelines, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, and more. But what that checklist doesn’t include are “details” like building an actual culture and principles of inclusion, or asking people with disabilities directly for their input. It doesn’t create an inclusive methodology as much as they tell you how to get to the finish line. But if you were to look back after crossing that tape, you’d see you haven’t actually built a system that can sustain continued growth along that inclusive path—one that nurtures the real business-product-team advantages of integrating diversity into your organization.

New window: Senators ask DOJ to enforce accessibility rules for state and local websites

June 13, 2022, State Scoop: A group of 10 Democratic senators last week asked the Justice Department to ensure that websites and other digital services offered by state and local governments are complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

New window: How Can You Make Your Twitch Stream More Accessible?

June 12, 2022, Nerdbot: The platform has been criticized for its lack of accessibility for people with disabilities. For example, the site does not offer captions or transcripts for live streams, making it difficult for deaf or hard-of-hearing users to access the content.

New window: Schools now legally obliged to make their websites more accessible. Here’s why it matters

June 11, 2022, The Irish Times: The Web Accessibility Directive (Directive (EU) 2016/2102) has been in force since December 2016 and provides people with disabilities with better access to websites and mobile apps of public services. This directive was transposed into Irish law in September 2020. Public bodies in Ireland must ensure their websites and mobile apps are accessible to all people, including people with disabilities. (The full name of the 2020 Regulations is “S.I. No. 358/2020 — European Union (Accessibility of websites and Mobile Applications of Public Sector Bodies) Regulations 2020?.) One aspect of the directive is that all public sector websites must have a “web accessibility statement”.

New window: 5 Tools to Help Make Your Vue.js App Accessible to Everyone

June 11, 2022, Make Use Of: o you've heard a lot of talk about something called accessibility. Maybe you've even heard about people suing large companies for providing inaccessible services. But do you know exactly what accessibility means? Fortunately, accessibility is not too difficult to understand or implement, once you commit to it. Once you've learnt what accessibility is, you can put that theory into practice by writing accessible Vue.js apps.

New window: Top Eight Mistakes Your Developer Should Avoid When Creating A WordPress Website

June 10, 2022, Forbes: In a nutshell, web accessibility means taking all the diligence to ensure your website is equally accessible and the content is easily consumed by all people, regardless of their language barriers, location, device or any impairment. According to research conducted by the World Health Organization, worldwide, at least 2.2 billion people have some sort of vision impairment.

New window: How a Game About Mail Delivery In a Small Town Helps Pave the Way On Accessibility

June 10, 2022, The Hollywood Reporter: Indie publisher Whitethorn Games has carved out a niche focusing on usability and accessibility for differently abled users, including those with color blindness, dyslexia and deafness.

New window: Graduating senior has helped lead efforts to make UCLA’s websites accessible to all

June 9, 2022, UCLA Newsroom: Unlike every other UCLA student graduating this year, Ting will leave campus as the person most responsible for making information and learning materials on the university’s most popular websites more accessible to those with disabilities.

New window: Authentication Journeys: The Thruway to Securing Digital Transformation

June 9, 2022, Identity Management Solutions Review: Migrating to authentication journeys can enable the organization to offer each user choices about their devices, preferred biometric modalities, and credentials for access to specific resources within their enterprises. This flexibility further strengthens the individual’s trusted identity and enables new paths that help protect user privacy, encourage accessibility, and promote inclusion and diversity.

New window: Web Accessibility and What Brands Need to Know: Q&A With Steve Barnes

June 9, 2022, CMS Wire: Brands need to know that there is no quick fix and non-compliance can be costly as one in four of the market has a disability of some kind. Why would you not want to interact with them? The journey should start with proper education on what they need to do with their websites. There are many outlets that can help with proper guidance. Don’t fall for the ad at the top of your latest search for accessibility.

New window: Improving accessibility of online content for disabled

June 9, 2022, The Star: NCBM executive director Wong Yoon Loong said it had trained 23 disabled persons under the Digital Access Training (DAT) programme earlier to conduct an audit on government agency webpages to see if they were suitable for the visually impaired.

New window: Ensuring digital accessibility for all

June 9, 2022, Assistive Technology Today: It’s not as if web designers and engineers aren’t concerned about digital accessibility. In a recent survey examining the extent to which companies prioritise accessibility when developing their digital experience – 43 percent of respondents rated it as a top priority, with another 36 percent saying it was important for their business. In fact, two thirds of respondents agreed that digital accessibility is a higher priority for their organisations this year than it was last year.

New window: Casey urges VA to make websites accessible for people with disabilities

June 8, 2022, The Bradford ERA: This week, U.S. Senate Aging Committee Chairman Bob Casey, D-Pa., led a bipartisan, bicameral group of nine other committee leaders in sending a letter to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Denis McDonough urging the agency to improve VA website accessibility for disabled veterans.