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New window: E-commerce in the US: a complicated landscape

June 21, 2022, JDSupra: Organizations conducting e-commerce in the United States must comply with an increasingly complicated patchwork of laws and regulations that makes it difficult for e-commerce businesses to comply across state lines, and for customers to know their rights across those state lines. This article touches on four areas of compliance: (1) data privacy; (2) automatic renewal disclosures; (3) accessibility; and (4) arbitration clauses and class waivers in the context of a terms of use or service.

New window: 7 Apple Watch Accessibility Features That Everyone Should Consider Using

June 21, 2022, Lifehacker: Your Apple Watch comes with accessibility features that are must-haves for people with disabilities, but many of them can be useful for anyone—if you know how to use them and where to find them. Here are some of the best accessibility features of the Apple Watch that everyone should try.

New window: Kiosk Association June 2022: ADA for Self-Service and EV Charging Stations

June 21, 2022, Valdosta Daily Times: Self-Service Kiosks Digital Signage EV Charging News: This month we’ve launched a new clearinghouse for EV Charging Stations ( ). EV charging infrastructure now has significant funding from the NEVI Infrastructure Act. Funds will be released before the end of 2022. Existing ADA regulations such as ADA 2010 and Section 508 apply. We have a complete writeup on We predict that both the U.S. Access Board and ANSI will weigh in on EV-related before the end of 2022.

New window: Luxembourg Online Dictionary launches new website

June 21, 2022, RTL Today: According to the latest statistics, an average of 2,700 people visit the Luxembourg Online Dictionary (LOD) on a daily basis. To improve the user experience, the website's content and accessibility have recently been redesigned.

New window: Accessibility-first mindset needed to make tech design equitable

June 21, 2022, Pro Bono Australia: Accessibility and inclusion is often front of mind in design these days: think wheelchair ramps and accessible doors, for example. But when it comes to technology, some places are behind in the inclusion revolution.

New window: iOS 16 to let users bypass CAPTCHAs in select apps and websites

June 21, 2022, Business Standard: Tech giant Apple's all-new operating system iOS 16 has introduced support for bypassing CAPTCHAs (an accessibility challenge) in supported apps and websites for users

New window: Accessible design doesn’t restrict creativity; it unleashes it

June 20, 2022, The Drum: For ethical, legal and business reasons, it’s essential that digital products are accessible to the widest possible range of users. But doesn’t this hold designers back creatively? For The Drum's Creativity in Focus Deep Dive, Matt Gibson of agency Cyber-Duck argues that the practical constraints of accessibility can spur designers on to be more creative than ever.

New window: Policy outlines inclusive, accessible technologies across U-M

June 20, 2022, The University Record: The University of Michigan has adopted a new Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standard Practice Guide, which will help to ensure technologies on all three U-M campuses and Michigan Medicine are inclusive and accessible to the entire U-M community. The initial phase of SPG 601.20 takes effect June 20 and will provide direction for technology and digital content capabilities that may be accessed and used by people with long- and short-term disabilities. MORE INFORMATION IT Accessibility at U-M SPG 601.20 “Good accessible design practices have been shown to benefit everyone. These changes will put us in better alignment with our DEI values,” Provost Laurie McCauley said.

New window: Architect goes blind, says he's gotten better at his job

June 19, 2022, 60 Minutes: A social worker tried to tell him about career alternatives after he lost his sight, but Chris Downey wasn't about to stop being an architect. Lesley Stahl reports.

New window: ??Reach Everyone In 8 Ways On Website Accessibility In Your Audience

June 18, 2022, Hyderabad News: Website accessibility to the targeted audience with good website look and feel, excellent design and SEO maintained and keyword-rich content plays important role.

New window: Northeast Arc puts on assistive technology fair

June 18, 2022, The Salem News: The Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services Northeast Region hosted an Assistive Technology Fair on June 14 at the Northeast Arc’s Center for Linking Lives at the Liberty Tree Mall. For the afternoon, visitors were able to learn about and try assistive technology products from each vendor, including remote support technology to enable independent living for people with disabilities; devices to aid in communication; tools and technology to assist in cooking; and adaptive gaming technology. They could also tour the Arc’s own assistive technology lending library.

New window: Wolf Administration takes on 30 students with disabilities as summer interns

June 18, 2022, The Daily Herald: In support of the Employment First initiative, the Wolf Administration is welcoming 30 Pennsylvania college students with disabilities who will participate in summer internships with state agencies.

New window: Reconnect with loved ones using a FREE hearing-assistive device for qualified Utahns

June 17, 2022, Good Things Utah: There are more than 290,000 individuals in the state of Utah that are hard of hearing or deaf. In all, this amounts to roughly 1 in 10 people who are experiencing some level of hearing loss. Being hard of hearing, or deaf can severely limit a person’s independence, while also giving them a feeling of isolation from friends and family. Simple tasks like making a call for reservations, appointments, or even food orders become complicated ordeals when interpersonal communication is strained.

New window: Ford Opens A Century Of Media Offering 5,000 Photos And Brochures From Its Past (compatible with screen readers)

June 17, 2022, Carscoops: Ford worked with its current and former employees, as well as students from the Wayne State University’s library and information science program in Detroit, to pilot the Heritage Vault ahead of its launch. It has also been developed with accessibility features to make photos, charts, graphs, and other pre-digital assets compatible with assistive technology used by visually impaired site visitors, such as screen readers.

New window: Woman found the iPhone’s hidden camera app that you’ve probably never seen

June 17, 2022, New York Post: Your iPhone has a hidden camera feature that’s almost certainly passed you by. The magnifier tool uses your iPhone’s built-in camera to zoom in on text or objects so that you can see them more clearly. Magnifier has been around for years but was highlighted in a recent video posted by TikTok tech guru Katarina Mogus. It’s part of Apple’s accessibility features designed to support people’s visual, physical and hearing needs. The idea is that people with visual impairments can use it to make their lives easier, but it’s actually really useful for general users too.

New window: Lack of Internet, Web Accessibility Harm Employment for Disabled

June 17, 2022, Bloomberg Law: Disparities in access to the internet and accessible websites is driving a gap in employment rates for people with disabilities, even as the prevalence of remote working opportunities has opened the door for them.

New window: Combining accessibility and aesthetics with packaging typefaces

June 17, 2022, Packaging Europe: Brand design agency Lewis Moberly recently worked with Tropic Skincare to develop a new script typeface intended to be accessible especially to dyslexic and neurodiverse consumers. The typeface, Susie’s Script, combines readability with a dynamic design that mirrors handwriting for Topic Skincare’s packaging and website.

New window: Summer Game Fest, where is the accessibility? Steve Saylor blames the shows, Xbox responds

June 17, 2022, California18: Steve Saylora famous content creator committed to raising public awareness on the issue of accessibility in video games, accuses the organizers of the Summer Game Fest shows of not having taken into account the needs of gamers with disabilities.

New window: How Immersive Reader Helped a Student Succeed in School and Life

June 16, 2022, Microsoft: That was the experience of Elle-Mae (Elle) Taylor. The third-year student at a United Kingdom university learned during her first year there that she had dyslexia, but it was prior to that when she discovered Immersive Reader, a digital learning tool from Microsoft that helped address some of the challenges she was having in school. The tool not only improved her confidence and well-being as her learning-related stress declined, but also opened more possibilities for her future, including her options for higher education and perceptions about career choice. “What Immersive Reader did was give me the ability to be on the same level as everyone else,” she says. It “helped me address certain challenges and made me more successful.”

New window: Metaverse for all: Building an accessible future

June 16, 2022, Verizon: Diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility are major social concerns—and the combination of the metaverse and the connectivity of 5G could make a notable difference.