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February 2021


Accessibility Monthly Bulletin


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It's a Start: You're Already Doing More for Accessibility Than You Think

Casey Naiduk, Head of Content and Experience
Digital accessibility is often talked about in absolutes — something is accessible or it isn't, you either know how to "do" accessibility or you don't. This month I'd challenge you to leave that thinking behind and to recognize that you're probably already doing more for accessibility than you think. You just need to build on it. If you're already adding alt text to your images, keep doing it and learn how to do it better. If you tag elements as lists or headings, it's a start. You're impacting accessibility already and you're probably getting more of it right than you think. Keep learning. Keep building. Every improvement is worthwhile.

Accessibility Blog

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Beginner's Guide to Supporting Employees with Autism

If preparing to employ an employee on the autism spectrum seems like a daunting task, with some simple steps, you can help nurture employee success and satisfaction.
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Silver (WCAG 3.0) First Public Working Draft Released

The first peek at the long-awaited World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) major update to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is here. In W3C speak, we call it a First Published Working Draft (or FPWD).
Bar and pie charts with a calculator, pen, and eye-glasses sitting on top

Securing Accessibility and Disability Grants to Help Fund Accessibility Initiatives

All organizations face financial resource pressures at different times. Today’s challenges in particular make it likely that funding issues are an important topic for most organizations.



Digital Accessibility Buyer's Guide

Free buyer's guide helps you choose the right vendor for you.

2020 Web Accessibility Lawsuit Recap

View the complete report: 2,058 lawsuits; 265,000 estimated demand letters.

Questions Employers Can't Ask Applicants

The rights of applicants with disabilities are protected by law.

Accessibility News

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Here are some of the biggest stories of the month.

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Accessibility News Briefly

Nike Introduces Completely Hands-Free Sneaker

Yahoo! Finance: Ready, set, go — that’s the mantra for Nike’s newest innovation: Its first completely hands-free sneaker. Called Nike Go FlyEase, the shoe features a bi-staple hinge to keep it open — or in the ready position — when waiting to be used.

Revamped White House Website Aims For Inclusivity And Accessibility

NPR: Wednesday's inauguration ushered in new occupants of the White House, as well as a revamped White House website. Shortly after President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris took office, sharp-eyed Internet users noticed...

Doctors share views on patients with disability

The Harvard Gazette: More than 80 percent of U.S. physicians reported that people with significant disabilities have worse quality of life than nondisabled people, an attitude that may contribute to health care disparities among people with disability...

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