Implement the Accessibility Responsive Model (ARM) to achieve and stay in compliance

Implementing an accessibility initiative requires exhaustive and comprehensive auditing, testing, remediating, and implementation. However, the work doesn’t end in production. This session will provide insight into how organizations can incorporate accessibility maturity models into their accessibility initiatives that ensure continued compliance and growth in accessibility and inclusion beyond implementation. Participants will learn how accessibility maturity models work, how they are implemented and success is measured, where AMM’s fit into overall implementation, how AMM’s cultivate cultures of accessibility, and which stakeholders need to be on board to go from non-compliance to best practice.

Key Points

  • Overview of Digital Accessibility Maturity Models (AMMs)
  • Where AMM’s fit into implementation
  • How AMM’s cultivate an inclusive and accessible culture
  • How to adopt AMM’s
  • Using the model to become a best practice



Agenda coming soon