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July 2021


Accessibility Monthly Bulletin


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Don't Wait Until (You Think) You Employ People with Disabilities to Have a Plan

Casey Naiduk, Head of Content and Experience

In a presentation last month on creating accessible hybrid workplaces, I polled the attendees to ask: 'Does your company have an accessibility policy for internal, employee-facing content and systems?'

Unfortunately though not surprisingly, 'no' and 'not sure' were extremely popular responses.

My advice to them is repeated here, and I'd ask everyone reading to consider carefully the need to:

  • Plan for accessibility now. Even if you think you don't have employees with disabilities currently (which you probably do), build with the assumption you do or will.
  • Build for growth. A growth mindset requires accepting and making room for change. Few changes can be as impactful as committing to accessibility.
  • Build so you're ready to hire anyone and so they can do their job when the time comes.

Accessibility Blog

AccessibilityPlus: October 12-14, 2021

3 Reasons Why You Should Attend AccessibilityPlus 2021


The time is now to put real accessibility into practice — in all aspects of internal and external spaces and interactions. Business leaders, join us and our sensational lineup of speakers at AccessibilityPlus 2021.

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Midtown Manhattan skyline across the East River

New York Bill Passed Extending Time for Students with IEPs To Complete Schooling

Legislation has been passed that entitles special education students in New York State that are aging out of public education and missed a year or more of school due to the COVID-19 pandemic to be able to return to school until...
Woman with a big smile in a wheelchair holding a shopping bag on a city sidewalk

What Does the Accessible Canada Act Mean for Canadians?

Canada has a history when it comes to disability advocacy that is broadly credited to organizing that occurred in the 1970s. However, unlike the landmark pieces of legislation in the United States — whether it be the Americans with...



Accessibility Matters

Video interview series featuring accessibility game-changers.

Digital Accessibility Lawsuit Database

View full database of digital accessibility lawsuits since 2019.

Customer Service Video Course

Engaging accessibility training for virtual customer service teams.

Accessibility News

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Accessibility News Briefly

Stark Lab introduces Stark for Chrome as Ontario’s AODA kicks in

IT Business–CA: The June 30 Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) deadline has come and gone, leaving many organizations scrambling to make their online presence more accessible. Issues range from limited keyboard...

Accessibility Gains Must Become Lasting Learning Practices

Inside Higher Ed: For too long, colleges and universities have waited for students with disabilities to request accommodations before deciding to remove barriers to access and full participation that existed all along. Higher education’s...

Kellogg's Launches New, Accessible Cereal Boxes for Blind and Partially Sighted Shoppers

Newsweek: In a Thursday Instagram post, Kellogg Europe announced it will be switching its standard cereal boxes for ones that feature innovative, accessibility minded technology. The rollout, which will use "NaviLens" technology, is the first of its kind...

Organization Spotlight

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CommonLook Premier Organization Spotlight

Video: Accessibility Matters™ with Cat Noone

Headshot of Cat

Get ready for some straight talk with Cat Noone, CEO of Stark. 

Cat is incomparable and this interview shows why. Explore the language of decision-makers, accessibility at scale, and the business case versus the ethics of accessible products.

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AccessibilityPlus: Save your spot now. Oct. 12-14   100 SE 2nd St.  STE 2000 PMB 110  Miami  FL      

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