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April 2021


Accessibility Monthly Bulletin


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100% of People Need Accessibility — and Why That Mindset Is Critical

Casey Naiduk, Head of Content and Experience

Accessibility and usability are branches from the same user experience tree. Nobody questions whether a digital or physical space needs to be "usable." It does. Of course.

So you would never hear that a new app was launched but there was no time or budget to make it usable from day-one. You would never read about a new library or park, state-of-the-art in every way except that it's not usable.

Those scenarios are preposterous. Yet they happen every day when those spaces are designed to not be usable by people with disabilities.

One of the main reasons this happens, I think, is that there's no question who usability is for — it's for everyone — but the same can't be said for accessibility.  We'll say one-in-five people need accessibility. Someone in a wheelchair needs accessibility. Someone using a screen reader. That makes it really easy to feel like it isn't you being affected or your family or your customers. But accessibility is usability. Everyone needs it. Remember that, remind others, and be a proponent of the mindset that doesn't separate people into those who need access and those who don't.


Accessibility Blog

Smiling young women pulling one another through a field on a bright day

Forget Awareness — Let's Make April Autism Acceptance Month

As April comes, so does Autism Awareness Month, which many autistic people dread. While many well-intentioned, non-autistic people assume that this month properly recognizes the autism community, many members of this...
Businesswoman creating a large spreadsheet on her computer

Key Findings in Global Survey Data About Disabled Employee Experience

Ninety percent of global corporations report being committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts, yet less than 5% explore the work experience of their employees with disabilities, which is the largest minority group worldwide.
Artificial intelligence concept with a robotic female face over a full screen of code

Is AI Actually Tripling Employment for People with Disabilities?

According to Gartner’s Top Strategic Predictions for 2020 and Beyond published in late-2019, using artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies would enhance accessibility at work, which would in turn, increase...



Video: Accessibility Island

Flipping the script on disability can lead to greater understanding.

Digital Accessibility Lawsuit Database

View full database of digital accessibility lawsuits since 2019.

Accessibility in the Workplace

The right to equal employment is protected by law.

Accessibility News

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Accessibility News Briefly

Uber ordered to pay blind woman $1.1 million for repeated discrimination

New York Post: Uber must pay $1.1 million to a blind San Francisco woman who was repeatedly refused rides by drivers who didn’t want her seeing eye dog, Bernie, in their car.In the Thursday ruling, mediators found that Uber drivers must comply with the...

Black deaf community works to preserve, celebrate Black American Sign Language

ABC11: For Daisy Rivenbark, Black American Sign Language is much more than a language. It's a part of who she is. "I am extremely proud. I can't explain it. I can't hide it. I can't deny it. I mean, it's my language. It's who I am," said Rivenbark, NCDHHS...

12 Things Disabled People Want Their Nondisabled Friends To Know

HuffPost: One in four U.S. adults has a disability, making it the largest minority group in the country. In spite of how common disabilities are, disabled people still deal with ignorance, stigma, exclusion and lack of accessibility on a regular basis.

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